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Sauce, Glastonbury CT, Please say it is not true!

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Ok I do not mean to alarm anyone but I have now heard from quite a few people that Sauce in Glastonbury is closing. I have been a couple of times and have enjoyed the food. I hope they are not throwing in the towel so soon. I thought they were doing ok. Does anyone out there know what is really going on ?

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  1. Ok, I have some clarification here ... Glastonbury Life reported that Sauce is seeing hard times like most restaurants and is undergoing menu changes. They reported that they have heard the many rumors going around and wanted to clarify that they are just undergoing some changes.

    1. Well we went to Sauce on Saturday night and found it to be good but not really that great. It actually could be described as a bit uneven. I can confirm that they are not closing but that they are redoing the menu. There were six of us and one had a different menu than the others. The reason given was that they had a new chef. Certain items on that odd menu were missing (veal) and other items were different (the old menu had lobster in one dish). When we asked why this was, the waitress said they were altering the menu. It seemed that there was a broad range of prices for items. $35 for beef and $19 for chicken or pork and not a lot in between. That is pretty broad for an upscale restaurant.

      Also, a number of items on the menu were not available which made ordering difficult. The wine we selected was not available as were one of the appetizers and several of the side dishes. Anyway, three of us order the pork, two had tuna and one the seafood pasta. None of us raved about the meals. I will say that the bill was less than we thought it was going to be. $300 for six people with two bottles of wine, appetizers and a couple of side dishes was not bad. Anyway, while the experience was not bad, it was not great either. We will be heading down to 2 Hopewell in a couple of weeks and will see how that ends up. Jay

      1. I drove by again the other day and it is still opened. Has anybody been there lately? There still seems to be a crowd but not nearly what there was when it first opened. Jay

        1. Folks, Chowhound's goal is to help people find great chow right now. Gossip and speculation about restaurants' future plans doesn't help anyone eat better. In addition, such rumors can have serious negative impact on business. If you've got specific factual information from a trustworthy source about a restaurant closing, and you want to give the hounds a heads up so they can get to the restaurant before it closes, that's fine, but please, avoid posting based on rumors and hearsay. We've removed some posts from this thread and will be removing any further posts that aren't able to point to independent factual information that supports such a rumor.

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            Thursday's Courant had an article titled - "A Saucy Reunion For Bar Legends" about new bartenders at Sauce. Doesn't seem like these guys would be hopping on a sinking ship.


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              I was at Big Red for The Arts on Thursday night and Sauce had a table there. They were serving pasta with fantastic bolognese and to-die-for panna cotta. I met the new third-day-on-the-job chef (Michael Kelly has moved on to Elements Bistro in Elmwood) and the pastry chef. Nice folks, happy to be there showing off to a very foodie crowd.

            2. i drove by sauce on my way home tonight....they are closed. very unfortunate