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Sep 8, 2008 08:28 AM

City Line Ave area/Bala Cynwyd?

Good spot for first date dinner for non-drinkers? (ie, bartending/wine list not a concern)

medium priced.

And please, no chain restaurants, pubs and no Hymie's!


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  1. there is so little/nothing of quality. are you willing to head to manayunk and go to jakes? city line is low-end chains, bala cynwyd is jewish deli's, pubs, etc.

    also, you might consider going to bryn mawr and going to sola.

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    1. re: saturninus

      That's what I have found about that area - so frustrating! Jake's is a little high-end for a first date in my opinion....I'll check out what Sola is all about, never heard of it, but def willing to go to Bryn Mawr.


      1. re: phillyqueenie

        If you go a little further west on Rt.30, there's Maia. I have no idea what 'medium priced' means to you but there's a fine-dining restaurant upstairs and a less expensive, casual bistro downstairs. I prefer the bistro. University City is only a little further from Bala than Bryn Mawr, there you have Marigold, Distrito...

    2. Ardmore has a ton of restaurants: Plate, Thai Pepper, Mikado, Fellini are all good, although the owner of Fellini is akin to the soup Nazi.

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      1. re: phungi

        You could try Franco's Trattoria on Ridge and Kelly Drive in East Falls.

        Also, Primavera Pizza Kitchen in Ardmore:

      2. I live right in that area so I can advise you. I recommend Margot, a small BYOB in Narberth, which has good food and a nice but casual atmosphere. It think it would be perfect for a date because it is not noisy. Since you are non-drinkers, you will not have to bring a bottle.

        1. You might want to consider Sang Kee Asian Bistro on Lancaster Ave. I think it's in Ardmore.

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          1. re: hungry100

            Sang Kee is very popular but extemely noisy. I would not pick it for a date. Thai Pepper would be a better choice IMO for a date because it is quiet, also cheaper than Sang Kee. You can also get sushi there from the adjacent Mikado restaurant (the two are now connected). The Thai Pepper side has a little nicer atmosphere. Sola is very upscale and expensive, like Jake's, but the food is outstanding. I have been to Fellni's Cafe several times, it was crowded and the service slow, the food was OK but not amazing.

            If you want another choice I would suggest The New Tavern on Montgomery Ave in Bala Cynwyd, it has an all around menu and is not too fancy. Very popular in the neighborhood. Also Aldar Bistro if you like mediterranean food. Aldar is just down the street from The New Tavern.

            1. re: rocknroll52

              I have recently dined both at Jake's and at Sola. Jake's is considerably more expensive than Sola and while my meal was fine there, it was not particularly special and my dinner at Sola was wonderful. I would highly recommend trying Sola in Bryn Mawr. The food was presented beautifully at Sola and they have a very nice menu with local ingredients. It is only about 20 minutes or so from City Line Ave/Bala Cynwyd area too.

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                Agree on the Sang Kee noise level for a date. If you go 5 minutes down the road to Ardmore (past the be-sure-to-skip Fellini's) you'll hit Cafe San Pietro & Primavera, both Italian joints, nothing extraordinary, but loads better than Fellini's. If you go to the New Tavern be aware of their heavy sauces which tend to overwhelm whatever they're covering - get them on the side. The downside about the New Tavern is that the median age is quite high and by 8:30 or the place has cleared out. On the plus side, if the date is going well you'll literally feel like you're the only two people in the room and no metaphor will be needed!

            2. Delmonico - It's a little more expensive than medium but a perfect date place.