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Sep 8, 2008 08:18 AM

Suggestions for Vancouver near the Commodore?

We're going to the Gogol Bordello concert at the Commodore October 11th and will be staying nearby. Any suggestions for dinner that night? We like everything and hole-in-the-wall places suit us fine. Breakfast ideas for the next day are welcome too.


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  1. The Commodore is right in the middle of everything - the cfhoices about Guu - Original (down the way on Robson and Thurlow)?

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    1. re: fmed

      This is kind of off-topic. Anybody tried Cibo (seymour and smithe) and the new sake bar/izakaya where kitco (sp?) used to be (granville and robson)?

      1. re: kwailan4

        Not yet....soon perhaps. There are a bunch of new izakaya there. Of the new ones, Kakurenbou is on the top of the list (according to my sources.)

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          I went to Cibo the other day for a couple appies and a pasta dish. Had proscuitto with eggplant and artichoke bruschetta, fried stuffed zucchini flowers, and house-made agnolli (sp?). Everything was delicious and fresh. Interesting looking cocktail menu. As far as I recall, appies were around $15, pastas around $17-20, and mains in the mid-$20s.

          Cibo would be a great choice near the Commodore.

          Nuba at Seymour and Davie is good for a quick bite (Middle Eastern wraps, etc)
          Bin 941 at Davie and Burrard for small plates

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            Thanks. Cibo is "related" to Uva. The cocktails should be just as good.

      2. Hole-in-the-wall - Babylon Cafe for Shawarma at Robson and Granville.

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          Is Babylon Cafe still good? ... I read somewhere it was going downhill? I hope it is still good. I really want to try it.

          1. re: boisenewbie

            I was there last month. Still as good.

        2. Go to Cibo at the Moda Hotel. You can also pop into Uva Wine bar for a pre or after drink.