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Sep 8, 2008 08:15 AM

Help! Wedding Wine Advice


I am getting married on the beach in Virginia Beach in 25 days. It is an extremely small, extremely informal wedding to which we will be providing the alcohol. It is technically a destination wedding in Virginia Beach because all family/friends are from New England. The menu reflects that: New England Clambake VS. Virginia Pig Pickin'.

I would like to get a few good wines on a fairly meager budget. There will be 50 people attending.

Also, how many of each wine would you suggest?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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  1. Will the reception be on the beach? Is it in the afternoon, evening, or night? Do you anticipate warm weather?

    I would suggest a nice prosecco and a chilled rose. If it is that informal, I would think some tubs of ice with opened wine bottles (self serve) would be nice.

    As far as amount - are the guests big drinkers? I think at least 2 cases and as many as 4....the good thing about wine is you can have the leftovers for months/years to come and you would never want to run out of wine at your wedding, especially if the guests are travelling for the occasion.

    Good luck.

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      Yup. I'd do Mumm Brut Prestige or Gruet or Prosecco for some toasting, and that will also go quite well with the clambake.

      Rose or Garnacha with the pork. The flavors go beautifully together. Anything heavier will be too much, and not refreshing, IMO.

    2. Exactly how meager?

      I'd get a Prosecco (eg. Adami) or a CA Sparkler (eg. Mumm's Napa Blanc de Noir)

      A dry or off-dry Riesling (eg. Dr. L from Germany, Dr. Konstantin Frank from the Finger Lakes, NY)

      And a good, inexpensive, Spanish Garnacha (eg. and strong reccomendation for Borsao Tres Picos)

      All of the wines I listed, especially if bought in quantity, should be under $15. The Tres Picos I can find in SF for $11.

      1. Pretty easy.

        Best match for Clambake: Chardonnay or high-chardonnay champagne (blanc de blancs)

        Best match for the VA pork bbq: Shiraz or Zinfandel...

        BUT, if you can only do one wine for both, then I'd go with a riesling... a non-dry german kabinett or american equivalent is about perfect.

        All of these are well within any reasonable budget.

        1. Oh, and as to how much...

          Well, it depends how many people are drinking and what else you are serving.

          But if itis a 4 hour reception, assume the average drinker will have 6 drinks (people always drink more at weddings). Assume there are just under 6 drinks in a bottle. Most drinkers will be primarily wine drinkers, but only you could get a good idea of the percentages. I'd get 4 cases so you don't run out. Whatever you don't drink at the wedding, you cna drink over the next year and remind yourself of the happy day!

          1. Muscadet would be my choice for the clam bake.

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              Yup, I was thinking that too. It's cheap and wonderful. But I thought that bubbly (since it is a wedding) would cover the white wine for the clambake.