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Sep 8, 2008 08:14 AM

Middle East, N. Westchester or Putnam

Where can I find a good middle eastern restaurant in northern Westchster or Putnam county?

I've been missing that food since I left NYC.


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  1. Does no response mean there is no Middle Eastern restaurant in those areas?

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    1. re: Dave the H.

      Maybe too far south for you: Grill Point on North Ave. in New Rochelle. Also noticed a reference to Hilltop in Purchase on the TriState board.

      1. re: zatar

        Never heard of Grill Point. Is it actually decent (i.e. doesn't have to be as good as Azuri Cafe)?

        What kind of bread do they use? Pita Pocket or the flatbread roll. Do they get the salad part at least kinda right? (no iceberg lettuce).

        Generous amount of tahini?

      2. re: Dave the H.

        I've lived up this way for 10 years, and I can't think of ANYTHING... sounds like an opportunity for someone to do some awesome cooking in a niche that's completely unfilled. Nearest thing I can think of Greek, and not a lot of that available, either (the mixed bag places in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown)...

        1. re: Nancy C

          I can vouch for Hilltop in Purchase. They get it right. In addition to the usual hummus, stuffed grape leaves, felafel, babaganoosh and even felafel coated tilapia, they make this ground beef dish with hummus on tops. Sounds gross but it's not, it's almost addictive.

          Also, I recommend Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck. You can make a great meal from all of the meze. I think they even have a price fixed dinner.

      3. Sadly, it sure looks like there's nothing for us in N. Westchester or Putnam... have to drive to central Westchester. Sure hope some restaurant entrepreneur notices this opportunity to fill a niche (and take notice, whoever you are, that we need THAI food up this way, too!)

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        1. re: Nancy C

          I can't think of any Middle Eastern places either, but I think we're good on Thai. Thai Angles in Mt Kisco is, in my opinion, excellent, and there are lots of pan Asian places--my favorite is Temptation Tea House also in Mt Kisco, which has a good number of Thai dishes. Do you not like those places?