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Restaurant recommendations near Rittenhouse Square for anniversary?

My wife and I will be in Philadelphia for our anniversary on October 4 and staying near Rittenhouse Square. We'd be grateful for recommendations for a restaurant we can walk to for dinner that night. Price no object. Cuisine flexible. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Lacroix is one of our favorites that we go back to consistently for our anniversary, it's in the Rittenhouse Hotel on the northwest corner of the Square. Food is incredible and inventive, Chef Levin does amazing things with flavors you'd never think of together. I think it's one of the best restaurants in the city, and perfect for a special occasion.

    1. Tinto and Matyson are great in the Rittenhouse area. matyson is BYOB

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      1. Tinto is a good rec, so is Matyson. I'd add Barclay Prime to the list if you like steakhouse fare. If not, nevermind. No matter where you go for dinner, make sure you head to Capogiro for gelato afterwards. There are two locations, one directly across the street from Tinto at 20th and Sansom, and the other at 13th and Sansom.

        1. We like Tinto and Matyson very much, but for an anniversary, my vote is for LaCroix. When you make your reservation, tell them it's an anniversary. It's really special.

          1. Another vote here for Lacroix!

            1. You (quite wisely!) don't mention which anniversary it is, but we are in our late 50's and went one night with our daughter (23) to Tinto's. It was only few blocks from where she lives. Our daughter also had spent a semester abroad in Spain. All 3 of us loved it.

              1. If price is no object, then I vote for The Fountain Room at The Four Seasons hotel. Worth every penny.

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                  For the luxury restaurant experience, LaCroix is the winner.

                  For something a little different, consider Alma de Cuba.

                2. I have enjoyed Brasserie Perrier a couple of times. The food is was well prepared and the service is very good.

                  1. Le Bec Fin even with its more casual menu is still amazing. I agree LaCroix is a great choice. You are late for a reservation at Vetri (and it is 5 blocks or so?), but you could try - email Jeff Benjamin directly from the web site. Weather permitting, sit at one of the outdoor tables on the square for drinks before you go. Stuff your hotel fridge with breakfast/brunch goodies from DiBruno's so you can linger in the AM (18th and Chestnut)