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Sep 8, 2008 07:31 AM

DC to NOLA in Oct-make reservations now?

I'm so excited to be making another visit to New Orleans next month! I haven't been since 2000.

My husband and I aren't really "fancy restaurant" type people, we're much more into funky, hole-in-the-wall places. But it is going to be our anniversary so...are there any places that you need a reservation this far in advance for that are actually worth it? We don't care about famous names or anything, just really good food. (Husband is a pescatarian, so excellent seafood is a plus.)

We're staying near the casino, but willing to cab/streetcar/bus if need be.

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  1. Staying near the casino is a great location. You can really walk to alot of places. October is a great time to come. It isnt so hot and muggy like it is during the summer. :) But as far as reservations, you could probably wait till you get here. There arent any places that take weeks to get in. Usually the day of/day before is good enough.hope you have an amazing trip!

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      Thank you! We plan on doing a lot of walking (and eating).

    2. if you plan to eat at Irene's, then reserve now. October can be a busy month with conventions, so make plans if there is a don't miss on your list.

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      1. Here is my thought on the restaurant reservations thing. Do you need to make them this early? Absolutely not. However, if you are doing your due diligence (and clearly are doing so by researching on the hound), then why not compile a list of places and make reservations in advance? One less thing to worry about when down there. If you happen to get in town and hear of a new place that you are dying to try, then cancel the 1st is the same phone call that you would have had to make.

        Having said that, I love the work they do with fish at Stella - the fish n chips is like nothing I have ever had (elevating a classic to new heights), the sea bass is outstanding, and their prawns app is incredible. It is on the fancy side, but a comfortable restaurant to sit at as well (not stuffy).

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        1. re: mikek

          Thanks! Will definitely give Stella's a look.

        2. Also, Rio Mar is a great upscale place near your hotel. I had awesome fish there but the menu changes frequently. It's way better than Emerils and you won't have annoying celebrity chef stuff to put up with.

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            Actually, the menu hardly ever changes at Rio Mar. Been essentially the same for years - with a few new dishes added a while back. It's good though. If you go, be sure to get the ceviche sampler, the tuna, banana empanadas, and tres leches.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              Thanks! I could go for that menu right now, in fact...

            2. re: larosan

              Thanks! I'm not *anti* Emeril, but I am always suspicious of places with a "name".

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                Riomar has good food but it's not upscale by any means. Regarding reservations in town, a week in advance would be prudent for peak dining hours. We have an abundance of excellent fresh seafood so most restaurants have several offerings on their menu. Look into GW Fins, Herbsaint, Brigtsen's, Cuvee, Commander's (lunch M-F, garden room), Cuvee, August, Irene's, One, Giovanni's "feed me" with wine. Thanks for coming and enjoy!