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Sep 8, 2008 07:16 AM

Greenwich: what are the better dining venues?

Would like to hear from fellow Chowhounds views on the better restaurants in and around Greenwich, CT. these days and why...whether its old or new, just a hangout, or a place to sit down and dine...all price levels.
For myself, enjoyed a 'Tasting' dinner at Solaia on Greenwich Ave. recently and it was impressive...

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  1. some of my faves are
    nessa- casual italian
    kneaded bread- bakery
    vinnys-diner food, specializing in italian-esp fridays for pasta and tripe
    fuzari pizza ( spelling ??)
    Glenville pizza
    firehouse deli- hoagies
    forget the name of the indian place in middle of port chester- good lunch buffet fyi
    bella cucina-italian deli, pizzeria-great

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      Intrepid: Where is Vinny's , what else is goood there, looking for best fettuccini alfredo, homeade by grandma..... Stamford Port Chester too! Thanks Also I don't like spending a fortune, I only will go if it is clean, reasonable under 20 for entress and best quality ingridents....

      1. re: nbermas

        vinnys is diagonally across street from kneaded bread bakery

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          I have wanted to go in there so many times, what else is good? I will defintely go next i go to PC. Do you happen to know where the spanish place near there is that makes there own ice cream and pops?

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            I think the PC place for ices you are looking for is Palateria Fernandez. it is mentioned i a few threads on this board (often by adamcyle), so it is search able.

            The usual nbermas cleanliness caveats may apply...

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              ask and ye shall receive, as ChefBoyAreMe said, it's Paleteria Fernandez.

              Paleteria Fernandez
              33 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

          2. re: nbermas

            Nessa and Kneaded Bread as well as Vinnie's are in Port Chester. Indian restaurant on Main St. - very good - is Tandoori.

        2. In Greenwich, I tend to prefer the casual spots -- Penang (very casual, byob, pan-asian, attentive staff, freshly prepared food, etc) & Elm Street (moderately priced, fresh fish, some creativity in dishes) are favorites. Bad experience at L'Escale - do not go there. I read about Crew in the nytimes last month -- sounds promising. When we leave Greenwich, we go to FISH in Port Chester for creative reasonably priced food in a cheery environment.

          1. Thanks for the recs so companion and I stopped in to The Ginger Man on Greenwich Ave. just for a quick fix after some shopping...We did not wander the menu; we just stayed with the burgers in the fireplace room and it was just fine...

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            1. re: gutreactions

              Ginger Man has the best french fries but the limited menu keeps me from going there much.

            2. I had a very nice meal at Palomino a few months ago. The service was great and I had some of hte best mac and cheese I have ever eaten. I only ate there once, so I don't know how consistent the place is, but based on my one visit, I would recommend it.

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              1. re: Avalondaughter

                I concur - Palomino's was fantastic the three times we've been. Huge fan.

              2. it's been a while but jfood really liked rebeccas