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Sep 8, 2008 07:16 AM

Talula and Ortanique for Miami Spice

I am coming at the end of the month for 2 nights and made reservations at Ortanique on Friday night and Talula on Saturday night. Are these good choices for Miami Spice? I also considered Capital Grille (seemed to have very good menu choices at CG but I can eat there anywhere and was looking for something different) and Bourbon Steak but I settled with these. What do you think?

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  1. A search of this board will reveal many perceived hits and misses (including a new thread today that may give you pause in choosing Talula). As for Capital Grille, I tried the spice menu last night and was very satisfied. I agree with you about trying something new, but the generosity of portion sizes and low $20 corkage made it one of my best experiences this year.

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      Thank you, just cancelled Talula and went with Capital Grille.

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        I just don't know why anyone would come to a tropical location and eat steak from a chain. "Steakhouse" is that really a cuisine?

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          I know what you mean and that's my reservation (I mean, I can go to the Capital Grille in Boston and I would like a more unique experience) but it is a very good value and it's very good. Last year, we went to Talula, sat in the courtyard and really enjoyed it but I have been reading a lot of negatives lately about the Miami Spice experience there. I will at least get a uniquely tropical experience at Ortanique, no?

    2. Both are great choices- In fact, I ate at Ortanique two weeks ago forthe first time and thought dinner was very good. Desserts were a bit disappointing ,butI recommend it.

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        Just went there last night, The spice menu we saw online has the grouper and the pork chop, but when we got there the menu given was for rainbow trout, cornish hen and vegetarian stuffed pepper.

        Now, on the menu they did say that they change their selections and I do understand that, but my hubby was really looking forward to the porkchop, That and the grouper are over $30 on the menu. The cornish hen is only like $24, about $10 less. And the trout is of course not in the same league as grouper.

        So in some way we were kind of disappointed, that we don't get the entree we want and that the deal isn't as great as we expected. My hubby ended up not getting the spice menu but order the pork chop from the regular menu.

        It was very chewy. My hubby was hesitate to send it back, but I tried a bit, and to me, something that takes that much work to cut apart and chew is just torture and I am not about to pay money for that. We told our waitress who promptly offered a sharper knife. But as my hubby said no, we need sharper teeth.

        We did end up getting the pork chop redone. The second one was better, tenderer but a bit overcooked. (is that an oxymoron?)

        The rum cake was a bit disappointing too. I love them oozing w rum and very moist and this one definitely was not.

      2. After researching our options we settled on ortanique. It was a humid evening, so when we arrived we asked to be seated inside . The restaurant was nearly empty but we were told without reservations we would have to eat out front on the sidewalk. Surprised. We assumed it would be filling up shortly.
        Next i was surprised the menu was different from what was posted online. The few Items that interested me ( not the 'samples' on the Internet), were no longer on the menu and the prices were higher.

        We were served garlic toast. Which was good, but seemed more like Italian fare than Caribbean.

        The portions for all our dishes were small, but more importantly the food was just okay. Nothing memorable or great.

        I am disappointed to have wasted a night out at Cindy Hutsons place.

        Oh and when we left, I went inside to use the restroom, and noticed the restaurant was only about 1/3 full. Scratching my head as to why we weren't seated inside.