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Sep 8, 2008 07:00 AM

Info on Riverview Pizza in Ipswich?

I was re-reading an older Saveur yesterday and noticed that Riverview Pizza made their top 100 list. I searched here and only found a couple of mentions. Are northshore hounds holding back a secret find?? What's the deal on their pizza? The article says if you order it "the old way" you get sauce and a secret on top. Anyone care to enlighten the rest of us?


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    1. re: Wursthof

      ...end of chirping.....

      I am not from Ipswich, but have many friends living there and I have had the Riverview many times over the past 10 years.

      The Riverview is definitely a popular townie joint. Place is a total dive bar inside. Excellent place for pizza and a beer. The pizzas are all the same size, about 10" round with thin greek style crust. I'd say the cheese is a motz/cheddar blend. Very thinly spread tomato sauce on the sweet side. Pizzas are cheap, I think $7 each and you can easily eat one yourself as a meal.

      My favorite way to have their pizza is extra sauce and extra cheese.

      I'd say if it's close to you, just go try it! It's unique and very, very good pizza. Take a stab at ordering it the "old way" and fill us in on what that means. It's not going to cost you much even if you don't like the topping.

    2. No clue what "the old way" means - I eat there all the time and will have to try it next time.

      Some things to know before you go:

      They only serve pizza. No wings, no salads, no sandwiches. Pizza.
      Cash only (at these prices, that's not a problem, but you should know before you go)
      Full bar, which is very nice as an option (Magic Hat No.9 on tap)

      I'll be posting a revew on my blog shortly, will ping this thread when it's up.

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      1. re: Sunday Cook

        Sorry guys - didn't realize I couldn't just post a link to my site.

        Here's the text of my visit.

        Review: The Riverview
        The Riverview
        20 Estes St, Ipswich, MA (978) 356-0500 (no web site)
        Cash only

        The Riverview is an Ipswich landmark and a hidden gem. Locals know it, but outside the Ipswich area, it's pretty unknown.

        The Riverview is good at pizza. Really good at it, which is a good thing because that's all they make. Their pizza is a thin crust style, which depending on where you grew up might be called "New England" or "Greek-style". Their sauce is flavorful and not too sweet and the kitchen is liberal with the toppings.

        The menu is pretty easy to figure out, and, as you might be able to see, the Riverview is very reasonable. One pizza with an assortment of toppings will run you about $7.00. For most folks, a single pizza is enough for one. It does reheat well though, so feel free to order enough to take home.

        Beware, when your pizza comes to your table, you will be starving (there can be a bit of a wait when the place is hopping - all weekend really). Watch out; the sauce will be molten, so don't scarf that first slice down if you value your tongue and tastebuds. Pull a slice onto your "plate" - really a sheet of waxed paper - and let it cool off a little first.

        If you're in the area, do stop in for a bite. The Riverview's got a full bar so you have a drink while you wait for dinner. They do a lot of takeout also, so feel free to call ahead if you'd rather eat at home.

      2. Old way just means that they put the sauce on top of the cheese. I grew up in ipswich and i always order it old way, i like it better but thats just my preferance, if you think about it it shouldnt make any difference cause its the same amount of both ingredients just flip flopped, but try it out, the pizzas are cheap and small so order 2 and get it 1 normal and 1 old way. knowing what old way is is very townie, its not even offered on the menu but if you ask for it they will know what it is.

        1. I can't believe it made a top 100 list. It is definitely a townie joint. If you don't live near Ipswich, don't make a special trip to go to this place. They've never heard of a fresh vegetable. Ya, the pizzas are cheap, so if you want to load up on cheap cheese pizza, then I guess this is your place. First time I ordered pick up from there I made the mistake of asking for tomato, onion and basil for toppings. Um, yeah. It was canned tomato and dried basil flakes. Not what I had in mind. I tried the meatball and kielbasa too and they are just okay. Both are too salty and the kielbasa is sliced pepperoni thin. I was expecting something meatier.

          Riverview Restaurant
          20 Estes St, Ipswich, MA 01938

          1. Every once in a while you want to go back to when you were a kid. If you want to return to an era before anyone knew you could put figs, prosciutto, shrimp, avocado and spinach on a pizza, then the Riverview is your spot.

            There is a reason it is jammed. The pizza is very good. If you sit at the 7 stool bar, you'll get a kick out of watching people file in to pick up takeout pizzas - sometimes 10 or more at a time. For entertainment, there is always someone sitting at a table making pizza boxes because they must go through hundreds a night.

            It is an entertaining experience. Pizza comes with wax paper for a plate and plastic knife and fork. If you want anything but pizza, you are out of luck. It was a riot because 30 years ago you could get a slim jim at the bar for an appetizer, but they did away with those!

            If you've become a pizza snob, stay away. But if you want an old fashioned experience, drop by - just not today. Closed Mondays.