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Sep 8, 2008 06:27 AM

So sick of overpriced Westchester!

I would like to have a (mini) rant, please bear with me...

My girlfriend and I go out to dinner 1 or 2x a week, we are in our mid-20's and are very busy and just never have time to cook, we both live in Harrison.

I took her to X20 on saturday night for her birthday, and we were both amazed by the quality of the food and level of service. It was the best meal I have had in my life! What really annoyed me though, was the fact that it wasn't that much more expensive than other restaruants we frequent!

How ridiculous is it that entrees at Espana (in Larchmont), Fish (in portchester), the high street roadhouse (in Rye), Morgan's Fish house, Ruby's etc. etc. are all in the 25-30 price range and that is the same as x20? Heck, some of our favorites in the city (such as craft or hearth) are also in a similar price range..

Our total bill was $150 at x20 (she had a few glasses of wine) with 2 apps and 2 sides and I think that it is a great deal! What I think is a horrible deal is paying $120 at some of the other westchester restaraunts and walking away with an "above average" experience.. I got a bill for $120 at the high street roadhouse 2 weeks ago and I just couldn't believe it! I typically pay a similar amount at FISH and walk out still hungry!

Cliff Notes:
Don't waste your time at most Westchester eateries, if you want to pay good $$ for food go to the city or go to X20...

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  1. Excellent points.......... Some may differ with your experience at X20 but I agree there is a proliferation of overpriced restaurants that dont deserve the prices they are asking compared to far better dining experiences elsewhere.

    Im not thrilled with the direction drink prices have gone either... I usually order Stoli on the rocks, and the prices can range from $6.00 for a full wine glass to $14.00 for a small rocks glass..... And you never know what you will get or how much you will pay until after you've ordered.

    Caveat Emptor. Let the Buyer Beware

    1. Hah, you said it, mrgaga. Interesting that you mention Roadhouse. I just tried Roadhouse last evening since it's 'new' owners took over. What a joke. As if $9.00 isn't enough for a margarita, they charge you $1.50 more to have it up! Goes along with my 'if you're going to be a crook, just make all the drinks $10.50 and don't nickel and dime me' observation on so many of the restaurants in Westchester.

      You're quite right, the list of restaurants in Westchester I'll give my hard-earned money to is dimishing by the week. X20 is definitely one of the good ones.

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        Glad to see others think the Roadhouse prices are out of line with the type of restaurant and the food offering. The food is not great but it would be a decent casual option for us more often if the prices were in line with what we're receiving.

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        1. YES! I agree with you. Our dinner at X2O was excellent. I was expecting a hurt when the bill came but it was more than reasonable. I've had mediocre meals at Piave, Ciao, Provencal, Tango, Chart House....etc that cost the same or more. I guess the other way of looking at it is X2O is a bargain!!

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          1. re: pabboy

            Cafe of Love is ridiculously over priced! And, the prices on the wines by the glass are also totally out of line. The food is good, but it's a neighborhood place with delusions of grandeur!

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              I can't agree with you more on Cafe of Love!

          2. I totally, totally agree with you. I am becoming much more selective of where I go out to eat, and spending more $$ at the farmers' market instead of on eating out. Half Moon, Cafe of Love, these are just 2 places that I regret going to, because the price tags were almost as much as X2O and nowhere near as good. I'm trying to limit my restaurant eating in Westchester to ethnic foods that I can't make a reasonable fascimile of myself, or super special places that deliver such as X2O or Zeph's. That said, I am eternally optimistic that awesome affordable places will pop up! (And they usually do, in the form of Indian, Mexican, etc.....)