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Sep 8, 2008 05:55 AM

Best cheese danish?

The recent talk of deli food has got my mind wandering next door to the bakery for dessert. Specifically, a cheese danish. My favourite, though I haven't had one in a while, was Harbord Bakery's. Lots of lemony, cinnamony cottage cheese wrapped a delectable pastry dough and dusted with icing sugar. Warm from the oven. Who makes your favourite cheese danish?

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  1. Used to be Bregman's on Yonge Street (gone but not forgotten, at least not for the Cheese Danish , they were FABULOUS)
    I now quite like the Cheese Buns/Pastry at What-A-Bagel(s). I wouldn't call them a 'Danish' but they are very good...not delicate but a handful of good stuff! Warm from the oven if you're lucky, a taste treat!

    1. i know many will cringe, but I've yet to find a cheese danish that compares to Entenmenns's cheese strudle! You can only get it in the states, but it had a filling an inch thick of sweet cheese filling and delicious crumble on top..heated up a few minutes in oven or microwave and it's amazing!

      1. Milbree-Viking on Laird has become my favourite. Finnish, not Danish, but oh so good.

        They don't always have the straight-up cheese danish when I get there - timing is definitely the issue. They use quark, not cottage cheese.

        1. i was found very taste cheese danish in j-town.locate in vic prk and steels. it might different with western style,not too sweet . but i like it.the only bad point is they are not make too much daily ,so always sold out when i came

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            I had a blueberry cheese danish recently at Village Grocer and it was the best I have ever had.

          2. I have heard that Montreal Bread Company (MBCo) has one of the best cheese danishes going. Haven't tried it yet myself. I too am a Harbord cheese danish fan.

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