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Sep 8, 2008 05:42 AM

Hidden Gems in East Toronto?

I live in the neighbourhood some might call "The Upper Beach". I go out for dinner on a semi-regular basis, but other than special occasions, we rarely plan ahead. Because of the frequently impromptu dinner plans, we're always looking for places fairly close to home. We're sick of the Beach for the most part, Little India has been combed through several times and other than Allens, Greektown, Relish and a few Ethiopian places, are quite unfamiliar with Danforth. Our local Italian has recently closed down. There don't seem to be many places in Scarborough, other than chains. Downtown is too far to go for a quick weeknight dinner. So I was hoping you might have suggestions for decent restaurants east of Broadview, south of Lawrence, west of Kennedy (north of the lake!). We're not too picky about cuisine, as long as there are some healthy vegetarian options. So fire away please! :)

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    1. Have you tried L'il Baci? Queen/Logan
      What about ViVetha? Queen/Nursewood
      Sauvignon - Queen/Woodbine
      Batifole - Gerrard/Logan
      7 Numbers - Danforth/Bowden (E of Broadview)
      3's Company - Danforth/Pape

      All have veg options, aren't expensive, within your geographic parameters.

      1. Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen, Danforth and Greenwood.

        1. Hanoi 3 Seasons on Gerrard, just east of Broadview offers a good Northern Vietnamese menu at a reasonable price. All dishes come with a veg option.

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