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Sep 8, 2008 03:59 AM

Fine Dining In Stockholm

If Mathias Dalhgren is booked out, Where does on go? F12, Esperanto ??? It to celebrate a Wedding Anniversary although the food will very much be part of the occasion. Suggestiona would be very much appreciated

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  1. Operakällaren is definitely a celebration location because of the beautiful atmosphere. Very expensive, as are top end places in Stockholm. Food is more French traditional than F12 or Esperanto. F12 is much more stylish and noisy with closer sitting. So it depends on what type of food and atmosphere you are looking for and which is more important, food or atmosphere. At any of these places you can end up with a meal you really enjoy or a meal that disappoints. So do your homework and be honest with yourself about what you really want and enjoy.

    1. I'll be in Stockholm next week for a few days; it's been two years since my last visit (alhough that was actually a 3 month stay). I remember liking Wedholms Fisk, Paus Bar & Kok, and the little Italian place on a corner down the street from my aprtment on Tomtebogaten whose name I can't recall. I do not eat meat, but do eat fish. I'd appreciate your suggestions for dinner, likely either just me or perhaps with one companion. Newer and interesting is preferred over established and traditional. Good selection of wines by the glass is an advantage. Thanks in advance.