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Sep 8, 2008 01:04 AM

Detroit Area Knife Sharpening

Who, What, Where?

My blades need attention....

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  1. Don't know what part of town you're in, but Arbor Vacuum in Ann Arbor does a good job. Carpenter/Packard location convenient to U.S. 23.

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    1. re: Jim M

      Big thanks Jim!

      Can you give me a est. turn around time.

      I live in Westland and my wife works in AA...

      I have some doctors I have to visit out there too...

      Then I may have to stop by Kerrytown for some foods....Yummm

      1. re: Jim M

        We take our knives to Arbor Vacuum. One day turnaround, if I remember correctly. Besides the Carpenter Rd location, they also have a location in town on Packard, bet. Stadium and State.

        1. re: bellmont

          I have had it done while I wait, but I've only gone in with one or two at a time. When the guy finishes, he demonstrates his skills by slicing a hanging piece of paper in two.

        2. re: Jim M

          Great about the RO/Oakland County are? I've actually driven to Mount Clemens for knife sharpening and it took about a week. A little scooter guy would come around in the summer and not do a half-bad job, but I could use a source locally. Thanks all.

          1. re: berkleybabe

            Sur La Table in the new Partridge Creek on M-59 does them while you shop. Although I think they told me the charge was $5.00 per inch. However, twice per year, on a date they determine, you can take two in for a free sharpening.

        3. Hollywood Market - Maple & Coolidge_ Troy does them for free on Tuesdays. They have to be in a box (not a bag) with your name on them and they are done by 5pm. Since it's free I only take a few at a time.

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          1. re: goatgolfer

            Thanks goatgolfer! I knew of the Sur La Table sharpening, but can never seem to make it out to Partridge Creek. Since Hollywood is just down Coolidge I will be there when they open on Tuesday as I have some seriously dull knives. I can't believe it's free as I'm more than willing to pay!!

            1. re: grouper

              Was at Hollywood today and asked about the knife sharpening. They no longer do it as whatever they use has broken and they can't find anyone to fix it. I guess it's off to Sur La Table for me as my knives really need it.

              1. re: grouper

                I've had knives sharpened at the Partridge Creek Sur La Table several times. The guy who works there (sorry, don't know his name) did by far the best job; the ladies, not as good. If it's not during one of their get-two-sharpened-free promotions (I think April & October), it's $1 per inch.

                1. re: grouper

                  Called the Rochester Hills Hollywood Mkt and they don't sharpen. Called the Troy store and they do up to 6 knives from customers provided they bring them in a box (not a bag) on Tuesdays before noon for pickup after 5. I took in 5 knives and had them back that evening. Nicely sharpened. Wonderful free service.

                  1. re: grouper

                    Hollywood will sharpen knives again on Tuesdays starting in January. I also noted the Holiday in Royal Oak will do 2 at a time as well.

              2. Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor sharpens knives. I paid $2 per knife last year. There also is a man at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market who sharpens knives, but I believe he is only there on Wednesdays.

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                1. re: brendastarlet

                  I saw the Ann Arbor FM guy there a few Saturdays ago.

                2. Guys, I'm resurrecting this thread to comment that there was a man sharpening knives at the Auburn Hills farmers market last Thursday.

                  Not a bad little farmers market either...I'll be back.

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                  1. re: coney with everything

                    Thanks for that heads-up! I had planned on going there last Thursday and forgot about it. I'll be sure to go this week and take my Wusthof's with me.

                    1. re: grouper

                      glad to hear you are going to the FM for sharpening. when you said you might bring your wusthofs to sur la table, i got concerned. a clerk using a consumer electric sharpening device? you're going to get your wusthof license taken away!

                      1. re: vtombrown

                        hahahaha....I did end up at Sur la Table, but only took one. I hope I'll be able to preserve my license!

                  2. The original comment has been removed