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Sep 8, 2008 12:29 AM

65th Birthday Dinner? (High-End Fish on LI?)

My Mother is turning 65 this Wed, and being the only sibling without kids, I am taking her out on her actual birthday. I want to bring her to a upper end fish restaurant on LI that also has some meat products for me and my SO who are both not fish people. I am sure that there are better places out there than Legal Seafood, which is all I know of...We are based in Huntington, so I would prefer something within 15-30 minutes from there...I already asked and she would rather not go into NYC...Money is not an object...

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  1. Coolfish in Syosset. Pricey but good fish.

    1. Riverbay in Williston Park is owned by the people who own Bryant and Cooper. It is a fish house, and I have never had meat there, but call and ask if they use Bryant and Cooper meat, or even Major's meat. If you don't mind the cost, what about taking her to Blackstones in melville? I believe that they have quite a bit of fish on their menu even though it is a steakhouse.

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        I've been to Riverbay, pre-renovations of 2 years ago or whenever it was...I wasn't all that impressed...And at Blackstones wouldn't fish be a bit of an afterthought, with beef being #1? Last thing I want to do is make her think the restaurant is mostly for me, with there just being 1 or 2 dishes she would eat there...

      2. I second Coolfish. Never had a disapointing meal there and most were outstanding.

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          How about Black & Blue Seafood Chophouse in Huntington? It's close to home and covers all bases. Ate there a few weeks ago and was impressed with both the fish and the meat (Argentinian grass-fed steak).

        2. Coolfish is one of my favorites too actually. Does you mother have eclectic tastes, or does she prefer more simple? At Blackstones, you can go on their website to see the fish offerings. They are very into sushi, so I would imagine their fish has to be very fresh.

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            My mother has thrown me a curveball now...she mentioned she would have Rack of Lamb OR fish for her birthday dinner...Where the heck is great rack of lamb or fish? I don't need both...I just want the best I can get for this special day.

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              We went to Camille's in Carle Place for dinner on Saturday night. My friend had the rack of lamb, which was great. Not sure if it was on the special's list though. There were some other interesting things on the menu that you might like. It is the type of restaurant that your mother might like too, a little quieter than many of the others. However, that brings up another question, is your mother an old 65 or a new 65? After all, 65 is the new 45.

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                Defaintely a new 65. Shes going on an adventure trip to Croatia on Friday. :-P Shes NOT a quaint old woman.

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                How about Fiddleheads in Oyster Bay? As a little different suggestion, we've been to Honu in Huntington 3 times and LOVE it. She might enjoy it there.

            2. You might want to take her to Jolly Fisherman in Roslyn. Fresh fish and lamb chops.