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Sep 7, 2008 10:20 PM

SEA: All Purpose Pizza & Ale

Living in Columbia City for 3 yrs, I've had incredibly limited delivery options; Pizza Hut or Domino's. I don't eat either of those establishment's products so that cuts my delivery list to zero.

Tonight I was feeling especially lazy, too lazy to wander out into my fabulously restaurant studded neighborhood. I've got Neapolitan pizza, Vietnamese, Tex-Mex, Jones BBQ, and many other great eats but I so didn't even want to leave my apartment at all. So this led to a frustrated search of the internet to see if there were any delivery options I had yet not discovered, if there was some closely guarded secret of a restaurant I had not yet been deemed worthy enough to be "in the know" about.It seemed hopeless and I truly wasn't expecting to find anything, settling into the sad reality that I would have to settle for tuna or stale cereal. And then . . . I found my pizza salvation!!!

I don't know how it managed to elude me for so long, but now I have All Purpose Pizza & Ale to be my white knight. I ordered a 16" Nooner (Granny Smith apple, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, garlic-olive oil sauce with CasCioppo Bros. sausage, yum!) which came on the thick, chewy sourdough crust this place is known/famous for. All for $26.82 (inlcudes tax, excluding gratuity), it's even comparably priced to the chains of convenience around here. There menu is extensive, with many original specialty pizzas plus a bulid your own option. They also serve starters, soup, salads, sandwiches, and even pasta dishes. It appears they are fond of local ingredients and handmade specialties. I am so happy I found this place!!

Now that AP Pizza is my new beacon in a once bleak delivery landscape, are there other delivery options I just haven't found out about yet? If you know about any, please, please do share! Zip code 98118, S Edmunds St. And if, like me, you thought your choices were do or die as far as delivery pizza, please try AP Pizza & Ale! Their store is up on Jackson and their delivery route is fairly wide (Leschi, Seward, Columbia City, and Rainier Valley).

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  1. thanks ..looks like they even service the overlooked CD ..

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      All Purpose does deliver to the CD. Our fav is the Hullabaloo: house-made meatball, provolone, mushroom, onion, bacon, garlic-olive oil sauce. You might also check with Amante: They have locations downtown and in West Seattle and seem to have a fairly wide delivery area (downtown delivers to the CD). Ti Amo ( also delivers to the CD, but I didn't think much of their pizza--though I thought their tuna & onion pizza was a noble attempt.

    2. I love All Purpose. Great french onion soup too. And if you dine in on Sunday thru Thursday, they do half price pitchers when you buy a pizza. Getting a pitcher of Mac and Jacks for $7 and change always feels like a steal.

      1. Paradize Pizza just South of the PCC is not bad. Not as gourmet as A.P. certainly, the sauce is really garlicky/tangy, but I loved it. They deliver, but are not open on Sundays. A.P. doesn't deliver before 4pm, just FYI (I know most people don't want pizza before those hours but we had a Sunday hangover and no good pizza options due to above!) PS Paradize is affordable with a 3 topping XL pizza delivered costing about $18.