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Sep 7, 2008 08:55 PM

RIP Aneka Rasa

I had noticed that Aneka Rasa had been closed up last weekend, but was relieved to see it back in operation during the workweek. However, passing by today, I noticed it was closed up again but this time, there was a sign saying that a Korean restaurant will be moving in. I'll miss the Satay, Curry Mee, and Roti Paratha.

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  1. Oh no!!! This makes me very sad. I loved their Indian mee noodles. :(

    1. Everytime we were there, we wondered how could it be still in business when most of time it was empty,

      I believe it was a restaurant that deserved more business but the location was cursed.

      1. I sadly noticed that too yesterday. It seemed like they had decent crowds altho the room is pretty good sized. And now yet another Korean restaurant in Allston. Oh well.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Dunno, went 2-3 times and the food was never that tasty by my book. I liked the Indonesian place in the Super88 food court much more (that loss made me sad.)

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              I'm with you. Barmy and I went once, early on in our exploring-the-home-neighborhood project. I did a lot of research on this board, prepared a list of recommended dishes, and had a profoundly disappointing meal.

              Reviews had said that staff were friendly and eager to help diners understand the cuisine; our server barely spoke English and avoided us as much as possible. They were out of the much-recommended roti canai, tilapia was muddy-tasting, we didn't understand how to approach eating the nasi lemak (and again, we asked the waiter for advice and got no help), and the beef rendang was well nigh inedible. It was one of our worst neighborhood dinners! Needless to say, we were never moved to give them another try.


              1. re: Allstonian

                They never had the roti canai. We discovered this after our twelfth visit. I asked the waitress why they always said they were "out", and she gave some vague response that "the chef who knew how to make it is no longer there".


                Thankfully, the roti paratha was indistinguishable from any R.C. I'd ever had, and damn, were those smoky Indian Mee noodles good!

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Ever since they lost the guy who could make roti canai, I suppose they've been dying a slow death. I can't say that every meal I had here was great or that the service was always the friendliest, but on average it was good and it added variety to an already diverse scene. Now that's it being replaced by a Korean restaurant, this will make 3 (maybe 4 if Hanmaru comes back) Korean restaurants within a 5 minute walk down Harvard Ave. Not that I have anything against there being so many Korean restaurants - I'm upset more about losing a Malaysian one.