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Sep 7, 2008 08:31 PM

Viaggio @ Jack's La Jolla

Has anyone been to the new Italian concept at Jack's? Just looking for some insight and any positive or negative reviews. It is sad to see the "Dining Room" gone because they were doing some amazing food.

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  1. I have been to Viaggio twice. The food was amazing. It is, in my book, the best italian food in San Diego. Now you will not see your typical fried calamari with marinara sauce and caprese salad on the menu like they have in many of the bad italian restaurants in town. The menu is well put together, well priced and the Chef only uses the best ingredients.
    I suggest that you try it on a wednesday night, they do 50% of on any bottle of the list. The wine list as it is is already very reasonably priced. With 50% off, you can find some serious bargains ( I drank a bottle of Dr. Loosen Riesling for less than $30 and a bottle of Adrian Fog Pinot for les than 75$ !!! ).
    It is sad to see the " Dining Room" gone but Viaggio has raised the bar when it comes to great italian food in this town.

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      How is the ambience/environment? The one time I went to the Dining Room (and enjoyed the food), it was a beautiful restaurant, but later in the evening, got really noisy due to the club, and when my husband wanted to use the restroom, they had to give him a wristband because the restrooms were actually in the club (or something like that?) and the bouncer hassled him when he was trying to get back to our table. It wasn't the type of experience you'd want your fine-dining customers to have to go through just to use a restroom...Have things changed?

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        I am not sure about their club policy. I went on a Wednesday night at 8:00 pm and it was quiet. Sure there was some noise from downstairs but nothing that really bothered me.
        Your story is a perfect example of why clubs and fine dining restaurants do not match and your husband should have never had to deal with a bouncer....

    2. My husband and I went for dinner this past Sat.. 7pm reservations.. so no hassle with the restrooms etc.The room is still only beef there is that they have music playing in the speakers for Viaggio.. and you can hear the music from the beach bar.. a bit annoying but then I am in the restaurant design business.. so maybe no one else would notice.

      Service was excellent.. although since the menu has changed ..and its the same price range as Trattoria Aqua and Viggiluccis..please forgo the dissertation of the plate.. I know what I ordered..

      other than that.. do not follow the instructions of the waiter! way too much food..

      we split the roasted peach salad.. which was the most disappointing of all things.. only because the dressing was overwhelming and tooo tart Would have been lovely..just a bit less....But so enough for two to share..

      I then ordered two appetizer size pastas because they were described as in a small bowl.. and if one wanted an entree size they double the price.. so 34.00 instead of 17.00.. well the lamb ragu pasta with fresh mint.. was to die for.. but I also had the ricotta ravioli and part of my husbands pork.. the only thing we finished was the ravioli.

      We will definitely go back..

      split a salad .. split pasta.. the appetizer size and split an entree.and a bottle of wine of course.. The pork did need something else with it.. was lovely but just had mushrooms.. needed some spinach or something. to round it out...

      The waiter had said the"chef suggests... a couple of appetizers to share.. split a pasta ..and an entree each.. " I told him he would be rolling me out of there.. I know its a sales thing.. but it was the wrong info. I almost told the table next to us as we left!

      Same pricing as mentioned before.. and a bit dressier.. go 7 or 8.. and no club issues....well we left at 9 anyway.. maybe if you get there at 8 and are still there at 10 you might have that..

      1. We have been twice since the new concept, the second time brought visiting guests - Italians from Chicago - that really enjoyed it. Very inventive pairings and everything we have tried worked beautifully, but some things don't stay on the menu more than 1 or 2 weeks, think they may still be experimenting a bit. Service was professional and efficient, but butterbutt is right about the "sales" gimmicks. I know they are trying to make money, but they should feel the need to tell you to double the size that is printed on the menu for an entree portion. I think that little hiccup only applies to the pasta plates, and believe me the listed "regular" portion is plenty of food, especially if it is rich (many are) and you indulge in appetizers, salads and/or desserts. We will be back but never with a reservation past 8, especially on a Friday or Saturday night as the club aspect does become a little overwhelming around 10pm.

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          Is that club even busy anymore?

          It is hard to believe they are packing them in on Fri and Sat.