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Sep 7, 2008 07:37 PM

Where to find Fresh Icecream (to go) in Downtown Toronto?

Hello all! Im new to this board and this is my first post..
I just returned from Europe (München) and loved the fresh ice cream there!
Im wondering if there is anywhere in downtown Toronto to find freshly made icecream? either to eat in or on a cone to go...Im close to Yonge/Bloor but am willing to travel further..


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  1. Can you define what you mean by "freshly made"? If you mean a local shop that makes their own (rather than a chain like Baskin-Robbins that gets it shipped in), then there are several places in Toronto: Greg's, La Paloma, Sicilian Cafe. If you don't mind gelato (made with milk) instead of ice cream (made with cream), then I would highly recommend Hollywood Gelato or Il Gelatiere. Other gelato spots include Solefrino and Soma Chocolates.

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      If you want something close to European ice cream that's not gelato, I'd suggest Movenpick. Mock me if you will, but there's nothing like Movenpick ice cream.

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        Isn't Movenpick ice cream made in a factory and shipped, rather than "freshly made"?

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          I don't think it's around anymore.
          It used to be made by Gelato Fresco and they whipped more air into that product. By a rough guess (picking up both the Movenpick and Gelato Fresco tubs) the Movenpick weighed about 30% less.

    2. I'll strongly second Il Gelatiere up on Mt. Pleasant. And also recommend Kensington Organics on Palmerston just north of Queen. You should certainly try Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, here is a list of where you can get it scooped or in a tub:

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        While I can support most of the other recommendations, Kensington Organic is one of the worst I've tried. Sweet and stcky with added gummy stabilizers and also contains ice-crystals. Of course, I haven't tried it recently!

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          Kensington is on the bottom of my list as well!

      2. Ed's Ice Cream in the Beach (Beech Ave and Queen St E) makes fantastic ice cream and gelato on site. There are about 35 flavours, and they are happy to offer samples on all. Its a great area to visit if you are new to the city, and the fantastic ice cream makes it all that much better!

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          In the past, I found Ed's a bit too sweet, but recently I was wowed by the lime-coconut flavour - so refreshing after a few hours on the beach!

        2. Dutch dreams at St. Clair and Vaughan is always a winner in our house. They make all of their ice creams.

          1. I had the pleasure of trying some of fhe flavours on offer at XocoCava, which is right next to Cava in Delisle Court yesterday. Rich and creamy strawberry, a vanilla that could warm the darkest heart, and a chocolate gelato that would render males completely unnecessary. Many more flavours than that, but these were the ones I tried. Take home versions also available, fairly reasonable for the quality.