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Sep 7, 2008 07:01 PM

Five 14-yr-olds & two 40'somethings ISO birthday meal

I'm looking for a fun, reasonably priced place to take my daughter and a few friends to celebrate her birthday. We're looking to leave Loudoun County and venture somewhere a bit more exciting. We're willing to do DC. Want something fun and different for the girls. Any ideas would really be appreciated?

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  1. For a bunch of 14-year-olds, they may really enjoy going to a Japanese Benihana-style restaurant, with all the flashy knife & spatula work, corny jokes and (virgin) fruity umbrella drinks.

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    1. re: weezycom

      That was my first daughter nixed it. It sounded perfect to me. Thanks!

    2. They might like someplace like Cafe Atlantico. There are bright colors everywhere and very lively atmosphere. The food is nuevo latin but I'm sure everyone could find something to eat since there are steak and chicken options. Plus they might think the table side guacamole is cool.

      Another place to consider is Matchbox---pizza and miniburgers seems teen friendly. Call ahead of time and see if you can reserve a table since you are a larger group--I've heard you could do this.

      Another place they might enjoy is Filomena in Georgetown. The pasta plates are huge and the pieces of cake are even bigger---perfect for a birthday. And depending on when you go, they might be decorated for Halloween. (They have over the top decorations for the various holidays).

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        I haven't been to Filomena's in years, but I wouldn't recommend it. Guess, that's why I haven't been back. There are just so many other, better options.

      2. I took my step-daughter to Joe's Crabshack and she LOVED it. It isn't my favorite Sefood place but the atmosphere is a lot of fun.

        1. Is Reston venturing? Towncenter has lots of options. Cafe Asia in Arlington is fun and would feel hip.

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          1. re: Culocho

            Cafe Asia may be the winner. It looks like a cool place! Thanks!

          2. Not cheap, but have you considered the Melting Pot on 19th St.? They have a dessert only menu option, I believe. Or Tony Cheng's Mongolian BBQ in Chinatown.