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Sep 7, 2008 06:49 PM

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in the Boston area?

I've recently moved to Somerville from NYC and I'm missing the chocolate chip cookies I used to be able to get there. I've had pretty good cookies at Crema in Harvard Square and one time at Savenor's, but aside from that they've been not so good to just plain awful. I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations! Just as a reference for those who are also cookie obsessed and familiar with the NYC varieties, Levain's huge ones with walnuts are my favorite, and I prefer the ones at Jacques Torres over those at City Bakery.


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  1. Chippers in Fanueil Hall.

    1. search the board--this topic came up very recently. see:

      1. Boston Chipyard in Faneuil Hall is excellent! Nothing beats nice, warm, chocolate chip cookies!!!

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          Second the Chipyard in Fanueil Hall (or is it "third," I'm not sure what/where "Chippers" is in Fanueil Hall, maybe PP meant the Chipyard.) These are small little cookies but as close to homemade as you can find, I think.

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            Third for the Chipyard. It's one of the best reasons for a local to brave the throngs of tourists in Quincy Market.

          2. The chocolate chip "scone" at Pacific St Cafe

            1. I love the Ginger Bread construction Company cookies (and muffins)... I especially love the macadamian with white chocolate - the choc chip are a close second