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fig squares

A friend requested something along the lines of a Fig Newton. Does anyone have a fig square/bar recipe to share? Thanks.

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      There's a good recipe in the Metropolitan Bakery Cookbook. A bit complicated to paraphrase and I can't find it on line, but perhaps your library has a copy.

    2. Earlier this year I made some fig bars that resembled the apple crisp that's being discussed in another thread. I came across the recipe in a waiting room magazine, and then looked it up on. I don't recall which magazine, though I may have a print out or file on another computer.

      But the gist was to make a fig paste from chopped dried figs, sugar, and if I recall correctly red wine. Then make a crust 'batter' along the same lines as for a crisp - flour, oats, sugar, butter, etc. Spread part of the batter on the bottom of the pan, top with the fig paste, and then the rest of the batter. Bake.

      I have also seen instructions for make 'newtons'. The dough was rolled out, and cut into strips. Fig paste was spread down the middle of a strip, and sides folded over to enclose the filling. Bake and cut into bars. A cookie dough along the lines of a ginger bread might work, though I prefer the whole wheat bars that health food places used to sell in bulk.

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        Thanks everyone! Yes, I've done a bit of research and come across the newtons but I'm lazy and those seem to be a bit more labor intensive than I'm in the mood for so I'm looking for a bar along the lines of a raspberry or apricot square. I suppose I could simply replace those fillings with fig.

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          Of the whole grain newtons I actually prefer the apricot and raspberry ones to the fig ones. Figs, while sweet, are bland compared to the other flavors. So when making the substitution in the other direction, I'd look for ways of adding some tartness or zip to the figs.

      2. You just might find what you want here:


        You will need to scroll down to find fig recipes.

        1. I've made the ones in Nick Malgieri's How To Bake. I liked them very much.

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            Even more great suggestions! Thanks again. Loved the Valley Fig site on which I found a CI recipe that never showed up when I googled. I think I'll try it.

          2. Hey Tweetie, don't know if you've seen this one that I make. You can omit the raspberry. I do like the color and the taste it brings to the cookie...not necessary tho.

            Figgy Raspberry Bars

            1 1/2 cup figs cut up
            1 cup raspberries
            1 cup sugar
            1/2 c hot water
            1 /4 cup fresh lemon juice
            1-2 T Grand Marnier
            pecans optional
            cook all over medium heat until the fruit is completely broken down and creamy thick.

            These are the best bars. If you can't find figs buy some fig jam and mix it with raspberry jam-close enough
            about 15 minutes -stir frequently, don't walk off.
            1 cup of brown sugar
            1 cup butter
            Cream butter and sugar until fluffy then add the rest mix well
            1/2 tsp salt
            1 3/4 cup oats
            1 3/4 flour-sifted
            1/2 tsp vanilla
            Split this in half reserve for topping
            Line a well greased shallow baking dish 8x12 with half the flour mix, then add the filling evenly distributing the fruit mix, then top with the remaining flour mix.
            I add very finely chopped pecans to the topping about 1/2 cup total if you add to the filling also, its up to you.
            Bake at 350 degrees 30-35 minutes
            until lightly brown

            Cool and Serve
            Makes 12 big bars or 24 small ones.

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              Hi Chef Chicklet and thanks! Your recipe is very similar to the CI one I found earlier and which is baking in the oven as I write. Funny that yours has raspberry because I blended CI's raspberry square recipe(which uses slightly less butter) with the fig one to create the dry portion. Never would have thought to add raspberry into the filling but will try it in the future.

              1. re: tweetie

                cI? Do you have to pay to look at the recipes or rather be a member? I'd like to check it out. I stopped subscription sometime ago.
                So you put the rasberry into the bottom layer or the top??? Like that.

                I made this up 2 years ago, just playing around. I love fig newtons and so the neighbors brought me oodles of figs from their very prolific tree. I had raspberries in my fridge (my favorite fruit) and thought the color would be prettier than only the fig, so I added a basket. You can use apricot or peaches too or any fruit. Pear would be nice, but the raspberry is a nice nice combo.

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                  Some recipes are available without joining, others require membership. The fig recipe came off the Valley Fig link above (thanks Imtcain01) but it is from CI originally. Here's a link to the raspberry square recipe.


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                    Nice. Those look just like how mine turn out, nice and tall. I like a nice tall bar cookie. I've given my recipe out to friends and then seen them made. The cookies are too flat and then I'm accused of leaving something out of the recipe. Thanks for sharin.

                    never mind the was I reading this right question. edit isn't working...

            2. tweetie, can you or anyone else post a good fig newton recipe?

              i found some good links on the site lisbet posted but i'm always hesitant to follow recipes that i haven't seen reviewed! sherry yard's seem like a sugar cookie, 101cookbooks seem too complicated, and martha stewart.... well, doesn't appeal.