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Sep 7, 2008 06:36 PM

Feasts, Fairs, Fundraisers

It is late in the season to start such a topic, but I thought about this today while visiting St Sophia's Fair today in Trooper PA on Rte 363. Wife an I visited the Big Tent at Sophia's Greek Orthodox church and had authentic Gyro sandwiches- maybe the best I ever had. Thin sliced lamb and beef, fresh onion and tomato and homemade thaziki sauce on a fresh warmed pita. Finished w some fried dough drizzled w/ honey and nuts.. Many other Greek specialites available.

My question is: What are some of the local fairs, feasts, etc famous for? (What are we missing?) I can start the list. (Maybe we can revive it next spring for the new season....)

Holy Saviour Church- Norristown - Roast Pork Sandwiches
Kimberton Fair, Kimberton - Fresh made donuts
St Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church - Trooper, PA Gyros, greek specialties

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  1. This website has a huge directory of fests, fairs, fundraisers--anything involving food: Things that I know in the Philly area aren't on it so maybe someone knows of a better site?

    1. I hate that I missed this! I need to add the Spring one to my calendar.

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        They told us they went to 2x per year in 2007 (Spring/Fall) 1st weekend in May and Sept I think

      2. hrm... not sure if this is what you're looking for, but a heads up that a full plate cafe in northern liberties is having a rib-off this saturday.

        1. There are the annual Bridgeport festivals each summer - Italian, Polish and Slovak.

          Of course the highlight of the Italian feast is the Porchetta which you gotta get there early. If you don't make it in time, they still have decent roast pork, you just want get to see them pull it right off the hog.

          The Polish and Slovak festivals bear fairly similar cuisine, which shouldn't be too surprising given their geographic proximity. Galumpkes, galushki, pierogies, sausages are the way to go. The Slovak festival is usually smaller which means a shorter food line.

          1. This a great topic.

            Ambler has an annual Oktoberfest which will be Sunday September 28. Great german food, delicous pig roast, lots of german food, and a beer garden. I think the pig roast is what is famousd becauise it always sells out quickly and whenever I work at the event, "where is the pig?" is the question I am asked most often!

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              Thanks... this is exactly what I was looking for... please provide more info if you can (location, times, etc)