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Sep 7, 2008 06:36 PM

Les Faux Bourgeois

Went to Les Faux Bourgeois last night, a new French Bistro in East Vancouver (Kingsway and Fraser).

The room is stunning. Dark wood, soft lights.... very French... but not cheesy like some (Jules in Gastown, for instance I find very cheesy). A long bar stretching the length of the room is somewhere I can see myself.

The service was young but enthusiastic. It will come together. The food was all good/very good, with only a couple of hiccups. I'm sorry that my memory isn't great on the prices and some of the dishes.

We started with a simple goat cheese salad ($8) and an Alsatian Onion Pie ($12). The salad had walnuts, beets and radishes to go along with the greens and cheese. Simple, good quality and refreshing. The pie was delicious, although I prefer Pied a Terre's. It seems more substantial.

We then, by accident, shared a French Onion soup ($8). We ordered two, but for some reason they thought we only ordered one. Oh well. The soup seemed abnormally hearty for FOS. It said that it is cooked with veal and beef stock, so maybe that makes it so heavy (I don't know how the stock is usually cooked).... but, although it was good, it tasted more like Chili then FOS. Also, not very salty at all.

I went with the Lamb cooked with caramelized cauliflower and blue cheese in some kind of dark sauce ($17). The flavours were wonderful and the lamb cooked perfectly, but the temperature was way too cold.

My dining companion had the duck confit ($14). I don't remember exactly what it was cooked with, but I had a bite, perfectly good and smoking hot (obviously the lamb was waiting on this).

We finished with dessert. Creme Brule ($6) and chocolate mousse ($6). Both were good, with the mousse being phenomenal.

Their wine list is very affordable but has no real target to it: a smattering of wines from pretty much every major wine producing country. I would prefer to concentrate on french wines, or even just old world wines... but, i'm being picky. We asked for a bottle (2003 St. Emillion from Christian Mouriex. $48) but they were out... they brought out something else and said, "this is very good Bordeaux". It's my fault, I shouldn't have agreed to have it. It was a 2007 from some producer i'd never heard of. Wasn't really good at all and it was the same price. Oh well, it was my fault.

In the end, I really like LFB. The room is stunning, the prices very affordable, and there's nothing like it in the hood. This was also there second night open, so all/most of the pretty minor problems will hopefully work themselves out.

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  1. Thanks for this Cancuk. I've been curious and have followed the renovation.

    1. Thanks for the review! I was searching for reviews earlier today. Glad to hear it sound so promising.

      1. I went here tonight and thought it was great! My friend made a reservation a week before & all we could get was 8:30 though I asked her for 7pm. They called & asked her to change it to 8:45 which was fine. They thanked us very much when coming in. The place was packed solid! I had the escargot to start, she had the vegetarian french onion soup...both really good! I loved our cute french waiter! :-) Big smile! For entrees, I had the steak frites - yummy!!! She had portobello mushroom something...(She went into great detail explaining how good her dinner was as she knew I'd write about it, but I was too busy enjoying my own dinner to listen! Sorry!) I really, liked the fries, and the peppercorn gravy with the steak frites. I had a couple of glasses of champagne, she had creme brulee - real tasty - I would have liked another bite!!! Bill was only $70. They don't take Amex & don't have interac so I did have to run across the street to an ATM. Great dinner! Pleasant surprise! I highly recommend it!!!

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          We tried to get a reso and they didn't have anything till 9:30 so we haven't gone yet. But I haven't read anything bad about it so will keep trying. Thanks for the additional date, ck.

        2. I'm not sure what all the hype is about for this place. After reading rave reviews on CH, I went out of my way to make this one of my dining choices while I was in town back in January. It was a complete disappointment and probably the worst meal that I had during my stay.

          Being a french bistro, we thought we'd order the escargot and the mussels to start. The escargot was REALLY bland, which made it hard to consume. We had to add a whole bunch of salt in order for it to taste ok. Likewise, the mussels were bland as well and not nearly as good as the mussels at Chambar.

          All of us at the table decided to order duck confit for our entree. That was probably one of the worst duck confit that I've ever had. It was stringy and dry. I felt really embarrassed because one of my friends had never tried duck confit before and I encouraged him to give it a shot. I kept on trying to assure him that duck confit "normally" doesn't taste like that.

          With every dish that we had being a total miss, we decided to cut our losses and go elsewhere for dessert instead. Maybe we were there on an "off" night... but I think that's no excuse... I certainly won't be returning any time soon..

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          1. re: miss.foodie

            Thanks for the report. I haven't been to LFB yet. It has been getting some pretty good reviews...maybe a off night? In any case, your entire order was bad, then there was something drastically wrong back there.