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Sep 7, 2008 06:28 PM

Morgan Hill & Gilroy

What do you recommend for either of these two towns? I really like Cafe 152 in Gilroy because it's simple and good cooking at excellent prices. You've got to see the size and quality of their salads and chicken dishes. Nothing fancy here, but all done very well.

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  1. Even though it's a chain I like the Tung Kee (a.k.a. Luu Noodle) Noodle shop in Gilroy. I think some people in the Bay Area take the chain for granted, but I really wish there was something like it in the L.A. area. Also, Great Wall Imperial on Monterey Road in Morgan Hill is worth mentioning in that I was really surprised to find a semi-authentic Chinese restaurant in Morgan Hill. I'm not saying it would hold up to the best of the Bay Area Chinese restaurants, but for the location it's much more than you could ask for.

    1. Trail Dust Barbecue is fairly good
      Super Taqueria is my all time favorite burrito, try the beef cheeks on the weekends
      Hecker Pass winery makes some excellent wines, try the port
      Andy Mariani's orchard has some of the best stone fruit I've ever tasted,
      Rocca's Market in San Martin makes a pretty good chorizo, and has local honey in bulk.
      During strawberry season there used to be a small family farm on Santa Teresa between Morgan Hill and Gilroy with very good produce.

      I'm originally from the very southern tip of San Jose and greatly mourn the loss of a lot of the family farms in the area.

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        It's probably been 5 years since I've been there, but I still think about the meaty beef ribs I had the one time I had business in Morgan Hill. They were a special, and were smokey, huge, and delicious. I recall the sides all being generous and tasty as well.

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          Siam Thai is a pretty good restaurant I tried recently. A tad too much salt in the curry, but good food overall.
          17120 Monterey St
          Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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          The farm on Santa Teresa is LJB Farms. Great place !! Family owned farm. Nice people, excellent produce.

          btw - Its at the intersection of Santa Teresa and Masten/Fitzgerald (if going south on Hwy 101, take the Masten Exit west, between the town of San Martin and Gilroy. LJB carries wonderful strawberries thru September. Gilroy stawberries May-June. 1st week of July they start carrying Kika strawberries from Watsonville, which are my favorite : Never white shoulders or tips. Always red and flavorful.

          And their local CORN is out of this world. Everyone in South County knows its THE place to get corn.

          btw - they finally got a website this spring. (things move kinda slow out here in the country, I guess)

          Anyways, check them out. you won't be disappointed.

          LJB Farms
          585 Fitzgerald Ave, San Martin, CA 95046