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Sep 7, 2008 06:24 PM

La Cipollina's in Freehold


Thinking of going to La Cipollina's This is the only posting which mentions it Is it worth the trip?

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  1. I would be interested in reading your report if you go. I've been twice and the last time was quite a while ago, so who knows. But my rememberence is that I was not impressed.

    1. Our experience with the food, although many years ago, was so bad that we swore never to go back.
      Hopefully it is better these days.

      1. Went there about a year ago...the food is fine, but we had terrible service. Our waiter fawned over some regulars and totally ignored us. Dinner took forever. The ironic thing was that we had gone one previous time and had such good service that it made us decide to go back.
        They actually have a good prix fix dinner's BYOB so it is very reasonable.

        1. The wife and I use to be regulars, about once a month, about 10 years ago at La Cipollina's. They had the best steak money could buy in central Jersey. Broiled Italian style it was absolutely delicious and the best cut of prime beef. The service was exceptional as well, they had an excellent reputation and it was well deserved.

          Then for some unknown reason the food fell off in quality and the service just became acceptable. We continuned to go there for a period of time then gave up. With all the great places in the area we have never been inclined to give them a try again.

          That said if you do give them a try please let the CH know how you like the place in this day and age.

          1. My in-laws use La Cipollina's for ALL their events lately.

            Last time I was there was Christmas Eve. The time before that was for a baby shower in October 07. The time before that was for an after funeral lunch in September 06.

            Christmas Eve was a family dinner and we were the only ones in the restaurant. It took FOREVER to get our food. The food, however, was good. I just found the slow service unacceptable. Maybe they thought we wanted to take our time. But we were STARVING.

            The events they do there are nice. The baby shower had a lot of food and it was really good. They also did a good job after the funeral. They were unobtrusive, the food was served quickly and quietly, and the food was good.

            All in all, I'd say maybe the food has picked up in quality, but the service for dinners is still questionable.