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Please help! Post-divorce happy hour venue ideas?

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So...my divorce will be final in a few weeks, and that evening I'd like to gather a small group of the amazing friends who have helped me get through the last difficult year (maybe 10-12 people altogether). I'm thinking a happy hour-type thing would be best. I'm having trouble coming up with the perfect venue, though. I'm looking for something:

--Centrally located -- close to Metro Center or Gallery Place would be ideal.
--Quiet enough that we can hear ourselves talk but not so quiet that we can't have fun. And not insanely crowded on a Thursday evening.
--Casual, but with character (so for instance, NOT Elephant and Castle).
--Reasonably priced -- I'll buy the first round or two and some appetizers for sharing, but I don't want to break the bank.

Thanks in advance for any ideas...

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  1. PS7 sounds the like the perfect place for you. The drinks are awesome, the lounge menu is tasty and fun and it is close to Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop.

    Their happy hour special is also quite affordable. Also I would call over ahead of time and see if they can reserve a table for you. I've seen them do it before. That way you are guarenteed a place to sit.

    Cheers to this next stage in your life! :)

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      Yes, if you are looking for Galleryplace/ places to sit/ quiet enough to hear conversations, and good happy hour deals PS7 is a good option.

    2. Poste

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        I would second Poste. Very nice laid-back, smart atmophere with some great drinks.

      2. Proof is great...but it could be crowded in the bar area on a thursday. The cheese and wine are really tops.
        What about La Tasca?? we had a recent meal there and it was quite nice. They have a long list of tapas and it was really reasonable...for instance we had a HUGE sampler that was i thikn $45 for 2 people. Sangria was good too.

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          Proof can get quite expensive. Another place is Zengo if you go during happy hour in the lounge. They have great deals on wine and apps.