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Sep 7, 2008 05:47 PM

I can't believe it took me this long to....

finally roast and created pulled pork. After reading chow posts on how to accomplish this dish, I jumped in and made the attempt....for a family anniversary party, no less.

I love pulled pork. Grew up on a hog farm. We focused on pork chops, not roasts. I'd been wanting to try, but felt intimidated--Gas Grill--wouldn't be right.

Finally decided to make the attempt, even though I didn't have all the best circumstances (gas grill, used a commercial sauce). People LOVED it.

I'm looking forward to continuing practicing roasts, rubs, and creating my own sauce.

What is the dish that you took forever to attempt and now.....

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  1. 1. Not one dish specifically, but Indian food in general.
    2. Thai coconut milk curries
    3. Spares, tips, and also pulled pork in the smoker.
    4. Still have yet to do a brisket.
    5. Homemade hot giardiniera, and also hot sauce.

    1. I agree on the pulled pork. Just roasted a pork butt tonight, coincidentally. Other eureka moments would be, proper grilling methods (ie, letting it sit for a couple of minutes rather than constantly fussing), pre-chopping the butter for a puff pastry, broiling a lemon tarte to create a carmelized top. You just think, duh, how simple.

      1. Yesterday I finally canned my own salsa verde, and the whole time I was thinking "I can't believe it too me this long to do this!" It was so easy, and the results were delicious, and I can't WAIT to crack open a jar in January...

        1. Baked goods:
          my first attempts at muffins were hockey pucks, my pie crusts were horridly rubbery or fell apart in the pan while baking (NEVER use the trans-fat free Crisco... purchased by accident; in fact, I'll never use anything but butter again), my scones scorched, cakes would burn around the edges and stay raw in the center... I couldn't even make decent brownies from mixes...

          Now, I'm tearing it up with new things every week and trying ever more complex desserts. I think the first few disasters were a result of not knowing enough about the science of baking, but following bad recipes and doing things blindly.

          I wish I had gotten smart sooner; I've been missing out on some wonderful things that I didn't know could come out of my kitchen.

          1. Spicy garlic dill pickles.....I'll let you know in 4 weeks if it was worth waiting all these years to try making at home..