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Sep 7, 2008 05:37 PM

Breakfast and Pastries in SW PDX (Tigard, Lake Oswego)

I will be visiting Portland for the first time this coming weekend, staying in the Tigard-Lake Oswego area. I'm attending a convention so my lunches and dinners are already planned. Could anyone recommend a decent place for breakfast and/or for pastries (bakery) in that area or not too far away?

I've already looked at the topic on SW PDX ( ) and noticed the recommendations for breakfast at O'Connor's and Marco's Cafe, both in Multnomah Village, and I know where the Original Pancake House is. I was just wondering if there might be anything a little closer, maybe right in Tigard or Lake Oswego (or the next town over?).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Located just a few blocks south of the Kruse way intersection. Wonderful french pastries, open for all 3 meals. I haven't personally tried their breakfast but I've enjoyed their dinners and pastries.


    La Provence Bakery & Bistro
    15964 Boones Ferry Rd
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035-4302
    Phone: (503) 635-4533

    1. Agree with La Provence... great pastries! Also check out Biscuits Cafe for good breakfasts. Make sure you ask for their strawberry freezer jam (complementary) to smear on your toast or, what else, biscuits. Great omelets, pancakes, and I do like their ham steaks.

      1. I know you said you had a bunch of lunch/dinner options already planned out, but if you can, I say you should check out DANG'S THAI KITCHEN in Lake Oswego. They're the best "classic" Thai, and in my opinion their khao soi is even better than that of Pok Pok.

        1. JavaMama @Nimbus and Scholls ferry rd. great coffee, muffins, scones, turnovers and assorted cookies and bars. small batch roaster(5lbs) that they use to roast some of the best coffee going. I know Extracto and Stumptown get a lot of run in this town, but this is a true gem that know one out side of a 5 mile radius knows about.

          also right next door to them is Shiraz restaurant. some of the best Med. cuisine going.Persian focus, super nice owner, stellar Shwarma and anything from the Tandoor. hummus to make remember that hummus is good!

          1. I agree with La Provence. We were there a month ago and had some almond/briochey thing which was to die for. My daughter had FAB french toast.