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Sep 7, 2008 05:33 PM

30th Anniversary, Cambridge --- Recommends?


My siblings and I are taking our parents out for dinner to celebrate their 30th anniversary next month --- I've been poking around on the board, but in all the special occasion spots I've seen mentioned I'm not sure I've seen one that quite fits the bill, so I thought perhaps I'd ask directly.

We will be a party of six
Price: I'm looking to spend around $25-$30 per entre, so not the absolute high end, but nice.
Style: Mildly adventurous, I'd say. My folk's comfort zone is Mediterranean, classic French or American style. Definitely not, say, Asian cuisine.
Place: I'd like to be in Cambridge, if at all possible. It's where they met and lived for a number of years, and so it would have nostalgic value. But Boston would also work, and if there's someplace a bit outside of town that otherwise fits the bill, please recommend.
Atmosphere: Not too loud but not too quiet? That's a bit vague of me --- We don't need a romantic hush but would like to be able to talk without shouting during the meal.

Thoughts? I really appreciate being able to draw on so much expertise. Thanks for helping make this a special night!

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  1. Craigie Street Bistrot gets some great reviews on this board and would fit into the classic French category. Or on the Mediterranean side, there is Oleana. For my parent's 40th anniversary we went to Morton's. They're not all that adventurous and I knew we wouldn't go wrong with a good steak. They loved it. Enjoy!

    1. Craigie Street has great food, but is likely to be out of your price range. Slightly cheaper and still good is Rendezvous in Central Square. It can be a bit noisy, especially in the middle of the room, but the booths are quieter (though I'm not sure the booths will accommodate six--call and check.)

      Have a great time!

      1. Blue Room in Kendall Sq. Rendezvous in Central Sq. Maybe Lineage in Coolidge Corner for seafood, American Style. That's the quietest room of the three. Green St. in Central Sq. for the "hippest" of the above, American with a twist and a huge cocktail list. Maybe not a 30th anniv. place tho.

        1. Another option is EVOO, technically in Somerville, but not far from Harvard Square. New American, quite tasty, very nice atmosphere.

          1. I'll second Rendezvous, which is excellent and fairly celebratory feeling (though the location might not be such). Oleana might be a fantastic way to challenge the culinary envelope a bit, since it's more Southern/Eastern Mediterranean, so you would experience some familiar flavors and then some very unfamiliar ones. It is my favorite place in Boston/Cam, but can be loud on weekends with lots of people and live music--it would feel celebratory but not intimate. Another idea might be Hungry Mother...there was a group celebrating something there when I went a few months ago, and it seemed they were really great for that and it would be more intimate for you all. The room and decor is totally classic with a slightly funky Cambridge feel. If you wanted to go totally fun, where the service would be excited about your special occasion and really treat a large group well, I've had great experiences with both Cuchi Cuchi and Dali--both have a slightly wacky atmosphere, but are super fun, with excellent food and really involved service, and right in your price range. If you and your parents like that kind of thing I think it might feel really special. But honestly in Cambridge you can't go wrong!