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Sep 7, 2008 05:19 PM

Your favorite ready made pasta sauce?

What's your staple ready made pasta sauce? Is it possible to get anything other than the typical Americanized "red sauce Italian"?

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    1. After inheriting a jar of Cirio Sughi Rustici and finding it good, I decided to make my own instant version: two diced Romano tomatoes, a chopped garlic clove, a fine diced red onion, a dollop of tomato paste, a handful of sliced olives, a diced cooked sausage (from my butcher), and my/your seasoning mix. Cook in the MW for four-five minutes, cool, and back in the same Cirio jar. Two heaping spoons with pasta and PR cheese to top--great and quick.

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        Buy the sauce that is on sale, and pour it into a saucepan to heat. Pour a small glass of dry, red wine into the jar, swirl it around to rinse out the sauce residue and pour it into your saucepan. Mix the wine and sauce together and let it simmer about ten minutes. Cook some sausages and make a salad to go with a nice bread. Try it.

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          Interesting. Will cheap wine work?

      2. If I really have no time, Trader Joe's Italian Starter Tomato Sauce is okay if doctored up. It comes in a tetra pack container, a lot like Pomi marinara sauce from Parmalat. Theirs is better, if you can find it for a comparable price.

        1. Trader Joe's "Trader Giotto's Marinara Sauce." In the pantry to use in a pinch. Veddy, veddy good.

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            Yep, TJ's marinara is good, when i'm feelin' lazy and in a rush. Also, Lidia Bastianch's jarred sauce is good, albeit expensive at something like
            $7-$8 a jar.

          2. I like Barilla sauces, particularly the mushroom. Bertolli also makes delicious sauces. They just came out with "Premium Pasta Sauces" that come in a pouch you can microwave in 90 seconds. The flavors are awesome too.