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Sep 7, 2008 05:08 PM

Jamaican Patty Shop-- Vancouver

Walked by this place (on MacDonald at about 23rd) last evening on the way to La Buca and wondered if anyone had tried the takeout patties or roti? Since the Jamaican place on 4th Avenue disappeared a couple of years ago, where else is there to pick up this type of casual Caribbean food?

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  1. This place is OK - not great but not horrible. The only place I have found is in Port Moody a place called Rehanah's Roti & Trinidadian. Great roti's, and beef, chicken a vegi patties. Worth the drive out there

    1. What about the Reef? I've never been, but I've heard really good things from my friends.

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        The Reef is OK. It's a great place to drink and hang out. The food is decent, and well valued, but not exceptional. I keep hearing about Rehanah's - Port Moody is just so far away.

        1. re: fmed

          If that is the "Patti Shop" I would not go there, I have ordered pattis from them and hated them. My Jamaican friends even tell me not to go there. If you really want some bulk orders of Pattis I would hit up Hibiscus foods in Coquitlam.

          For Cari food I would hit up Rehanahs for roti, Lions Den / Cameo for cheap meals, Reef is pretty good - last time I was there I had a good meal, and Kiss Your Mama in Burnaby can be good but that place takes soo long to get your food and eat that I can't ever commit to losing a day there.

          1. re: tom_edo

            Kiss Yo Mama is close to one of the best places to eat in town: Alvin Garden (nee The Xiang)....go there instead.

            1. re: fmed

              best place to eat in town and I havent been there.

              I just put it on my list, thanks

              1. re: tom_edo

                Bring a firehose and order extra rice...Hunan food can get plenty hot.

            2. re: tom_edo

              I've been wanting to try Kiss Yo Mama! Is there anything in particular that you'd recommend trying?

              1. re: im_hungry

                Geez, it was a while back. I remember the OX tail was good if you like ox tail. I had to say they were really on island time, the restaurant had maybe 4 people inside already, took about 10 mins to get a seat, 5 mins to get water, 10 mins to get the menu and 10 mins to take the order and then like 30 mins for food. It was like a 90 min experience. Food was tasty but it wasn't as hot as I like (by hot I mean temp. not spicy).

                1. re: tom_edo

                  I've tried Kiss Yo Mama a couple times. Yeah, they can move at a leisurely pace for sure. I've had the oxtail there once and it wasn't cooked long enough to get tender. A shame. The curry goat is fine. If I'm desperate for a taste of caribbean, I'll go there.

                  I tried a roti from The Reef takeout once, and it was terrible. Dry crappy roti. An insult to roti's.

                  I have tried Jamaican Patty Shop (see pics attached). I tried their chicken roti and a big bag of their patties. They also sell their patties in stores around town...I've seen them somewhere on Commercial Dr. etc... The roti was ok, not great. The patties are like factory patties which I think they make in the back, but the filling is decent.

                  Vancouver doesn't hold a candle to Toronto or even Calgary for Caribbean food. I'd kill to find a double in this town.

                  One place where we did have some good patties (and even better samosas) was at Taste Nice in Surrey. And I used to go to Jamaican Pizza Jerk on Commercial for some of their curries or ackee and saltfish. They're ok. Which reminds me, I would probably pick Jamaican Pizza Jerk over Kiss Yo Mama...

                  I really miss the Roti Bistro on W. 4th and Nice 'n Spicy on Broadway (they all closed down ages ago, so don't try and find them).

                  1. re: flowbee

                    If you want some good Roti, you have to try Rehanah's Roti in Port Moody. About 9 -11 bucks for a roti, mashes anything from the reef. . Be aware her hours are a little weird. She also serves doubles, haven't tried them.

                    I just went to Rehanah's the other day for lunch and put up pictures on

                    If you want Patties get a hold of hibiscus foods, I think he has the best in the city.

                    The other thing is to wait for Cari fest and eat there. Great Ox tail.

        2. Has anyone tried Kingston 11 Reggae Cafe?