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Sep 7, 2008 05:00 PM

Mysore Palace - Calgary

Ate at Mysore Palace in downtown Calgary. It's a vegetarian South Indian buffet for $12.95/person for their Sunday buffet. Pretty good spread - 2 kinds of salads, fresh fruit, 3 kinds of rice - love the peppered rice, idli (steamed rice cakes eaten with sambar and/or chutneys), sambar, lentil soup, fresh bread (reminds me of roti canai) vegetable curries, of course, the famous dosa, 3 kinds of desserts - love the vermicelli and milk!

Great service and very attentive.

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  1. How lovely to know about this! So they have idli at the buffet table? How does it hold up there? Same with the dosais?

    Hours for the Sunday buffet?

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      The idli was very good, served warm with different types of chutneys - like coconut, tomato, mango, mint and tamarind. The sambar was pretty good. Ask for little metal bowls for the chutneys, sambar or soup so you can eat your idli or dosas with ease.

      The dosas were made hot from the kitchen. They were filled with potatoes. The waiter brought them straight to the table and asked if we wanted a refill. Of course, we had another plate brought out.

      I forgot to mention 1 other item: lentil dumplings (deep-fried). Can't remember the Indian name for them but they look like rings.

      The hours for the the Sunday buffet is 10 am to ? I can't remember what time it closes up. But yes, it does open at 10 am!

      When we left at 1 p.m., there were lots of customers coming in and the restaurant wasn't full but it was busy.

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        This is all GREAT to know! Thanks!

    2. Sounds wonderful makan2 Thanks!

      Mysore Palace: 731 6th Ave SW (very nice site, the pix are making me hungry lol)

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        WOW that is an amazing site- other restos should take note.

        I feel terrible about never (literally, never, and I reported on this place opening many months ago) having eaten here.

      2. Ate there today for lunch but didn't get there until around 1:45. This wasn't the vegetarian buffet--just their standard weekday lunch buffet--and can't say I was terribly impressed. Not terrible by any means but some of the food, like the tandoori chicken and the cheese in their paneer dish, was dried out and the mint chutney looked like it had darkened with age. The dosas, which they brought to the table, were a little soggy, too. And at $15/person, which is perhaps standard for a buffet lunch downtown, it does seem a bit steep for not fabulous food.

        1. I dined there on Monday night and our server pushed the buffet pretty hard. I almost fell for it when he said we could get dosas and vada to order, but after some contemplation of the rest of the buffet we got our food fresh to order.

          The salt lassie was pretty boring - not bad, just mild yoghurt and a bit of salt. The aloo gobi was good, with a sort of chinese or thai influence. It had ginger and lemongrass in it, and was probably the spiciest/hottest dish we ordered. The other curry we got was nizami hundi, which is vegetables in a creamy sauce similar to korma. It was decent, but nothing remarkable.

          The ravi onion masal dosa was moist, but I'm not sure I would say soggy since it seemed intentional in contrast to the other dosa we got. It was almost like the Indian version of a potato pancake, filled with onions and what I assume were curry leaves. The papper masala dosa was crispy and huge, with the typical curried potato filling that came on the side of the other one. The filling itself was fairly mild, but interesting enough to keep me eating until almost too full.

          The excess bread we ordered didn't help, but I really liked the kerala peratha, a fluffy and soft bread similar to the Malaysian roti canai. It is served in a spiral and you tear it apart - the only thing wrong with it is they only serve it Monday to Thursday according to their menu.

          The chutneys were hit and miss. I thought the mint chutney was excellent because it had a sort of musky cooked flavour without losing the essential green taste. The coconut chutney was soupy and creamy, but not at all sweet. The tamarind chutney was a little unusual - closer to a soupy ketchup than the sweet/sour syrup that is more familiar. I didn't prefer it, but I used my fair share anyway.

          I don't live in Calgary so I can't say whether it is better or worse than other options there, but I liked it well enough that I wouldn't say no to a return visit. The price for a la carte was only slightly higher than the buffet would have been, and we were just as full and enjoyed our choice of items.

          1. I checked out the Sunday brunch last week as I am a vegetarian. We had to go really early due to my friend's work schedule, so we got there at 11:00 and we were the first people. Overall I thought it was a good buffet. They brought the dosas and some kind of bread fresh from the kitchen to our table, which was nice. A lot of the food was stuff I haven't tried before (most of my friends don't like Indian) and I enjoyed almost everything. There were two dishes- one was yellow, one was white- that were sticky and gelatinous and not that great, but nothing else disappointed. After two servings of dosas and bread, plus the buffet offerings, we didn't sample any of the desserts. A couple months ago I had the lunch buffet (non-vegetarian) at Glory of India; it was a few dollars more expensive and, in my vegetarian opinion, less interesting. I would go back.

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              I went there last Sunday for the vegetarian brunch. I have to say I am not impressed. The selections are limited and pretty average.

              Some of the dishes I like are the sour soup (don't know the name) and the Dosa.