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Sep 7, 2008 04:52 PM

Bachelorette dinner near 225 E Houston?

Hey guys,

Any recs near E. Houston for a bachelorette party dinner (10 girls) near E Houston?


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  1. Stanton Social has a lot of cocktails and menu with something for everybody.

    1. Hi Susie,

      Yeah I love Stanton Social. It was the 1st one that came to mind. But some friends are concerned about going to a small plate restaurant. They want a "strong food foundation" for the heavy drinking later. ;-)

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      1. re: Little Cupcake

        You can order a LOT of small plates at Stanton Social, I think, in fact, that for a large group you are forced to do quite an extensive prix fixe.

        I went to a bachelorette at Essex. It's nothing fabulous, but has room for a big group and the prix fixe menu had choices. Fine for the purpose.

        If you're more experimental, what about Congee Village? or maybe you could get the whole downstairs or whole back room at Supper?

        1. re: maggiej

          Ugh, most of the girls are dead set against Stanton Social. They don't know what they are missing! They want something that is not too expensive for dinner & serves cocktails, as well as wine & beer.
          Here are some of the suggestions being thrown around. Can you help me decide? My brain is already fried from thinking about all the other wedding crap I have to get done. Thanks. :-)

          Big John
          La Caverna (Bar?)

          1. re: Little Cupcake

            i had a pretty bad experience with essex for a wedding party. aside from the relatively poor quality of the food (the main draw is seemingly unlimited bloody marys/mimosas), there were major service glitches.
            although they advertise quite aggressively for bachelorette parties/wedding showers, they don't really have a private room. you're seated in a balcony area with other diners, so you don't get the private party feeling (if that's what you're looking for), and it's a tiny space. we were a group of about 18, and the table we were given would have comfortably sat 14. also, despite having reservations, our group had to wait about 40 minutes to be seated. there was zero apology or concern on the part of the staff. once we were seated, the servers were pretty brusque and inattentive.

            1. re: Little Cupcake

              I can weigh in on a few of your choices. I went to Mole once. The food was eh and the waitstaff upsells, but it is filling and not too expensive.

              La Caverna is a very strange place, almost like a restaurant at Epcot or something. I just went for drinks - don't know how the food is. There are areas where a group could lounge comfortably. You should go to check it out before you bring people there, though, 'cause it's got a very odd vibe, like a...branded speakeasy?

              Schillers, which I like a lot, is gonna be too small and crowded and loud for your purposes. You'll be squished. And deaf.

              I've had good experiences at Essex, but I'd take wleatherette's advice to heart. The service there is pretty crappy (except at the bar, where it's great for some reason).

        2. I recently went to a Bachelorette dinner at 1942 for tapas (and yummy cocktails!) before going out drinking. We ordered a billion little plates (they have a chicken drumstick? popsicle? that was SO yummy!) and were pleasantly full to go out for our evening of drinking. We sat outside, there were about 15 of us, but there was a big table inside with about 15 people, too.

          Regardless of where you end up for dinner, if you're in that area, you should go to Mason Dixon afterwards to ride the mechanical bull!! Our bride-to-be loved it (and she's anything but outgoing!)

          Have fun! (I'll be dealing with this myself in another year, yikes!)

          1. Recently organized a bacholorette party at Le Souk. Had no problem making a reservation but there was an annoying wait when we got there. Once we were seated though, we had a blast. Food is great - not the best Moroccan you'll ever have, but definitely tasty, good cocktails, you can even get hookahs for the table. Vibe is lively, and there's belly dancing too.

            I'd definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a fun, distinctive experience, which I personally feel is important in making a bachelorette party feel like more than just a regular night on the town.