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Sep 7, 2008 04:44 PM

Dinner on the way from CT to the Cape?

We'll be leaving around early dinner- time, and want to make some distance before we stop, so maybe somewhere in the Providence-Seekonk vicinity that's easy to get on/off the highway. We'll be wearing very casual clothes and with dogs, so either a place they can sit outside with us, or someplace we can eat quickly or in the car.

While we're on the subject... any dog- friendly dining options in the Cape from Orleans-P-town? We've found a couple of places in P-town, but not as many as we'd expect.

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  1. lindsey's if i am thinking of the right place

    here is their site i think it is on the way to the cape

    (food is great! tho deep fried wonderful! YUM) try the fish chowder too

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    1. re: sugarsnapp

      Lindsey's is nothing special and can be downright lousy sometimes. Besides, it's far from dog friendly. You could take a slight detour off Rte 195 in Fall River to Tiverton RI, and hit Evelyns. Terrific seafood and outdoor seating for you and the mutts. (you could also get there by heading toward, and passing Newport from 95 once you cross into RI from CT. Here's a link:

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        I have to agree with this recommendation. My girlfriend is from right around there. It's at most a 20 min detour each way from 195 (just take 24 South to 77/177 and turn left.. Evelyn's is just down the road on the right. And if you get there a bit earlier stop by Coastal Roasters, it's a great little coffee shop, but they close around 5pm usually).

        1. re: epsi1on

          Thanks CCG and epsi1on. I think we'll try Evelyn's on the way home (mid-day), as we'll be eager to get to the Cape without adding a 40+ minute detour to the trip. We'll no doubt be dragging our feet and looking for a detour on the way home (and back to reality)!