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Sep 7, 2008 04:34 PM

Crispy Pad Thai in Philadelphia??

When I was living in Cambridge, MA I used to get this amazing dish of crispy Pad Thai. It was just like a regular Pad Thai but used a thin, fried, very crispy noodle. It was so good. I would love to find a place here that serves it. Preferable either near where I work (CC near 22nd and Market) or where I live (Conshohocken). Thanks so much!!

Viva la Chow!!

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  1. I think you may be referring to the dish "Mee Grob", which is crispy fried noodles dressed with a tamarind/citrus sauce, and sometimes shrimp and/or chicken.

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      Hmmm...Mee Grob sounds great, but the dish was always called Crispy Pad Thai in the menus.

      I wished Jae's delivered to Philly!! :


      I will definitly try the Mee Grob around here soon and report back! Any recommendations as to a good place to get it?