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Sep 7, 2008 04:05 PM

Eats near Durham, NC golf club

Hi All,

I will be at the Duke University Golf Club for 2 days next week for an interview. What are the good eats ($10-25) nearby (less than 30 min walk)? Alternatively, willing to catch a bus/train to explore nearby.

Looking for NC or southern food but authentic ethnic is great too.

Thanks a lot!


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  1. Well, I'd love to say there was a train to catch! I'm assuming you're walking from the Washington Duke Inn and unfortunately, there aren't too many places within a 30 minute walk (unless I'm mistaken--can't say I've ever walked from there to any of these places).

    There are some restaurants at Erwin Terrace, including Six Plates Wine Bar and Nosh.

    Also, there are lots of neat places on Ninth Street (which might be a bit of a walk, but I'm thinking you can take Duke's intra-campus bus to East Campus or Ninth Street). Some notable 9th Street eats include Chubby's Tacos, Dain's Place (bar & burgers), George's Garage, and Francesca's Cafe.

    Also, there are good places in Brightleaf Square (which is also bit of a walk, but probably a quick taxi or bus ride). Good Main St./Brightleaf places include The Federal, Pop's, Satisfaction, and Parker & Otis.

    Have you tried putting the address into Google maps and then searching the boards for the restaurants that show up close-by?

    Good luck at your interview!

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    1. re: sarahUNC

      If you're going to be flying in my best advice is to rent a car at the airport.

      1. re: blewgo

        Thanks. I was given instructions to take a cab; it appears I won't be refunded for car rental.

        I assume I don't need a Duke id to get on the campus bus?

        Thanks again.

        1. re: newerjazz

          Their transportation booklet says bus services are available to visitors and medical center patients, so you shouldn't have a problem.

          Here's a link to their transportation services:

          There's a booklet there you can download that's pretty informative, if a bit large. :)

    2. Does that mean you're staying at the Washington Duke? Under their amenities, they list shuttles to local areas as one of their services, so you might be able to get somewhere through them--you'd find out details. 9th Street area was a good recommendation.

      1. You should be able to get on the campus buses without showing any ID, or get a shuttle from the Wa Duke Inn. From that area, you could conceivably take a bus to East Campus, and then walk to 9th street . . . that's not a quick jaunt, however.

        You could walk past the business school and law school and then up Erwin to the shops at Erwin Terrace - that's probably a 20-30 minute walk (or maybe you could commandeer a golf cart!). Re: walking - keep in mind it's still hot & humid down here! At Erwin Terrace you'll find Chai's noodle bar (asian noodle dishes, low prices), Sushi Love, Nosh (sandwiches, salads, pizzas), 6 Plates (wine/tapas bar), and Shade Tree Coffee (good coffee, now advertising crepes but I've never tried them). I've had decent meals at most of these places. Haven't tried Sushi Love or 6 Plates but there are reviews elsewhere on this board. These are all fairly shiny-new places though, not "authentic" southern or ethnic. Unfortunately, that's going to be very difficult to find without a car.

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        1. re: dubedo

          Good posts...and good info.

          Just as an FYI, Shade Tree has closed.

          1. re: dubedo

            I vouch for Six Plates. It's great for late night.

          2. Don't ignore the on-campus options either - they're pretty good! Nothing like the 'stuff on a shingle' fare we had when I was a college student!


            1. Never seen prices at Washington Duke restaurant since we've always been taken there by members, but food is truly outstanding, setting and service are spectacular. Crab cakes are some of the best I've ever had and forbidden rice side dish was so good, I had local paper find recipe for me although It wasn't nearly as good when I made it.

              If you don't go yourself, maybe they'll take you as part of interview process.

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                I always get the steak frites in the Wa Duke bar. Darn good deal for $20.