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Sep 7, 2008 03:55 PM

Top notch steak house for wifes 40th b'day.

Hey all. I need a subdued and wonderful place. Does not have to be a traditional steak house. She loves steak, mushrooms, good wine and chocolate. Need terrific service, setting, soft lighting. Food is more important than setting and trendiness.

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  1. Sparks, Keens or Wolfgang's. AVOID Smith & Wollensky.

    For something a bit different, try Craft. Their only "steak" dish is a 28-day dry aged sirloin steak, but it's simply prepared, but all of the sides and starters will be items that you wouldn't normally see at your typical steakhouse. Craft has a great winelist and professional service that isn't typical of some steakhouses.

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      If you arent going to Luger's in Brooklyn and must stay in the city.... I recommend Keens, Strip House, BLT Prime, or Old Homestead.

      As a side note Craft offers other steak besides the sirloin. They offer porterhouse and ribeye for two as well.

    2. I agree with susiederkins re: craftsteak. the steak -- grass fed, corn fed, american and japanese wagyu are all available -- is very high quality, though it is NOT grilled. (Tom Colicchio has some odd hangup about grilling.) There's a whole menu of mushroom options, as well, an extensive winelist, and a dark chocolate terrine that my dining companion declared "amazing" despite the fact that he had just downed an 18 oz dry aged steak. (I was too stuffed to try it.)

      The space is attractive, the service was excellent the one time I went. Could be a good fit for you.

      1. dylan prime is a great steakhouse with a romantic ambiance.

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          I would say either Strip House or BLT Prime. Craft Steak I went to with 5 people and not one of us enjoyed it.

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            Strip house gets such a mixed review and you always hear that the prices are crazy. Can it still be worth a romantic evening?

        2. Avoid Wolfgang. It is not romantic, you will want to leave as soon as you are seated. See my other posts about Wolfgang.

          1. I love a good steak and will eat it wherever they serve it. My wife on the other hand appreciates ambiance as much as she does the steak, with that in mind, the places that pleased us both are:
            1. Quality Meats
            2. Strip House
            3. Craftsteak
            4. BLT Steak

            I would avoid the "classic" steakhouses - my wife wasn't too thrilled with Keens, she was okay with Lugers, and we are both really down on Sparks - waaaay past its prime.

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              Agree with Spends Rent on Food. Keens & Sparks are more on the masculine side. My husband & I enjoyed the food and soft lighting at BLT Steak.

              1. re: Spends Rent on Food

                "I would avoid the 'classic' steakhouses" ... agreed, too much of a primal feed given the OP's request.
                Good recommendations ...
                Somewhat less "focused" ... what's your thoughts on Peasant?

                1. re: TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis

                  Can you tell me more about Peasant? Never been but have heard good things.

                  1. re: pulled pork

                    Great rustic Italian food often cooked in their wood-burning oven. The space is sort of rustic warehouse and there is an open kitchen w/a view of the oven. The annoyances are somewhat uncomfortable seating and a menu all in Italian, which the server will proceed to translate word for word for you.
                    I've never had steak at Peasant, and I'm not sure if the restaurant fits what you're looking for above. It's a very good place and one of my favorite Italians in the city, but I'm not sure it's a "wow" place, if that's what you're going for.

                    1. re: Lucia

                      Agreed (in many ways - and yes, the steak here is in line).
                      What I did miss,
                      was which steak you thought
                      might deliver *this* particular "wow".

                      1. re: TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis

                        Uh... just responding to the question about Peasant and its atmosphere, so no reason to get your panties in a bunch. It's one of my fav restaurants in town, but I'm not sure it's a special occasion place. Not a big steakhouse person, which is why I didn't respond to the OP originally.