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Sep 7, 2008 03:48 PM

Marginal time at Tu y Yo

The service was OK, not great. 4 out of 5 tamales were good. The fish one was very fishy. And they were small and over priced. The house salad was fresh but bland. The shrimp crepe was quite good with an tasty sauce. The pork dish was good, but could have used some tortillas. And the chicken flautas we ordered because the above was not enough for two, included chicken gone bad. They took it back with apologies and didn't charge us for it, but the meal still worked out to be pretty expensive.

Has anyone else had a bad experience there?

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  1. First time I went was happy for a semi-authentic place... subsequent visits completely underwhelmed. Have not been in years. Food was not sufficiently delicious.

    1. Ditto StriperGuy's experience. I live near Tu y Yo and love Mexican food, but could never warm up to the place.

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        agree with the the OP. Wife and I went about a couple of months after it opened and didn't think it was worth the $. Service was spotty and the owner? was on the rude side. Food was not exceptional to the point where we would put this as a regular destination. For example, I know Forest Cafe is not a true "Mexican" joint but that really doesn't matter as it consistently delivers what we like...

      2. The wife and I only went once a few years ago when she lived in the neighborhood and was not impressed so we never wanted to go back. I remember the entree I got was some kind of meat in a brown sauce which was salty. No tortillas sealed the deal. Service was pretty slow too considering there were only two couples in the place.

        1. Chicken gone bad is a scary thought - what was it that tipped you off? I ask in all earnestness because I feel like I typically just bull through food and wouldn't recognize that it was bad was too late!

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          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Mr Dobalina, Mr Bob Domalina...luckily I split the dish with my wife and she put the breaks on as I was bulling through.

          2. I'd go to Tu y Yo solely for the Chile Rellenos. They're out of this world.