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Sep 7, 2008 03:43 PM

Brooklyn Brewery?

LA person will be out there next weekend. Well, My husband wants to go to BB, since we can't get the beer on the west coast. Gosh darn it, he deserves it! Is the tour worth it? Do they have a tasting room, too?

Finally, do they have a pub with food?

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  1. A friend of mine is friends with an employee over there who gave us a private tour, and it's fun, but the brewery is small, they gave us samples of new brews, but I don't know what they do for the open tours.

    They don't have a pub, but on Fridays they have a happy hour and you can order delivery from nearby restaurants, it's a very hipster vibe but a good time.

    1. The BB tour is something I've taken some of my out of town friends (from Manhattan and points West) on; I've gone a few times. They open the tap room (beer is not free), and do hourly tours of the facility. The facility isn't huge, so the tour really is an entertaining discussion of the history of the brewery and description of how the beer is made. The tap room does not have food, but you can order in from local places. The beer is great, they usually have 7 or 8 varieties on tap, and make sure to order a bottle of "Local 1".

      I never have ordered food there; I usually try to get early afternoon reservations at Peter Lugers, which is also in Williamsburg, and not too far from the Brewery (long walk, short drive.) I suggest making the reservations for 3PM or so, early enough so you can have one of their hamburgers, which they only serve for lunch. As famous as the Luger's steak is, I think a few drafts at the Brewery followed by a Lugers burger is pure heaven.

      Needless to say, we are full afterwards, no dinner on that day; but it is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Enjoy.