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Savoury & Sweet Fondue Places

There have been several threads about fondue places in Toronto, but they're quite old and don't have that many responses. So I was hoping you guys could suggest some reliable places for cheese fondue as well as chocolate fondue. Which places are your favourite and which should be avoided at all costs?

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  1. A week or two ago I had the most delicious cheese fondue at Reds Bistro... (think its on Adelaide)

    They had a couple of fondues to choose from, on the servers recommendation we tried the blue cheese fondue.
    I was a little turned off by the description of it, but the flavours were amazing. The fondue was almost sweet, with little hints of walnut and port.
    We had it with a bottle of GSM....

    will definitely go back for another taste.

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    1. re: AJMC791

      Sounds delicious! I can't find the fondues listed on the Red's online menus.

      Do you remember the other fondues they have and the price range?

      Was it a appetizer, main, or dessert course - and what "sides" did the fondue come with.


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        The fondues were on the bar menu. I dont remember all of the other ones... but pretty sure there was a "traditional" gruyere fondue as well as a blend by the cheese boutique.
        The fondue was for 4 people... i think it was around 30$. Came with apple, lots of baguette, and some pear.... and maybe also some type of walnut toast.

        Will be sure to be more attentive next time so that I can report back more accurately.

        (ps - have also had the fondue at the beer bistro. as well as at Carens...both were very good, although a little bit small... and at Carens you get to pick the "sides")

    2. this will be a very small thread :)

      we've looked for fondue in Toronto. can only find:

      cheese fondue at Beer Bistro (and its very tasty)
      Barbarians has a late-night menu fondue. haven't tried it

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        Yeah, the fondue at Carens is on the small side, but it's good.

        There are also cheese fondues at Cafe Taste

        and Far Niente

        I heard Lakes Bistro has a good fondue but it doesn't show up on their online menu

        Far Niente
        187 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5L 1G5, CA

        158 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A8, CA

        Cafe Taste
        1330 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K, CA

        1112 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L6, CA

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          Note: if you want the fondue at Cafe Taste, mention it when you make your reservation. They only have so many fondue pots, so if you order it on a whim, they may all be in use. Although the time this happened to me, they did bend over backwards to get us one as soon as possible, if that's your reason for going there, it seems like a good idea to stack the deck in your favor. :)

      2. Carens on Yorkville has cheese fondue....Miranda

        1. bier market has a fondue - it was only okay...

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            When I had the cheese fondue at biermarkt a few years ago, it was horrendous. I lived in Switzerland for a while, so my standards may be a little high. However, it was the consistency of alfredo sauce, too runny to stay on the bread. The flavours were hard to decipher, and it was a definitive disappointment> Not sure if it's changed since I had it last, but I would avoid it unless your idea of fondue perfection is getting stale brad to mop up the last of the sauce (from a jar) from a plate of fettucine alfredo.

          2. Just wanted to chime in re: Cafe Taste - I've got to say that place is confusing. It does indeed have fondue, but it's another tealight fondue pot that doesn't keep things bubbling, and while I appreciate that extra toast is made to order, how on earth can it take fifteen minutes when there are no other customers in the restaurant? It's a beautiful restaurant with outstanding local items on the menu, but the food is only so-so and the service is, well, I hate to say it, pretentious. A fon-don't.

            1. Thanks for all your replies! I tried going to Beer Bistro for their fondue with a friend of mine. It wasn't a traditional fondue since it was made with lager. It was a blend of "aged cheddar, emmental and hacker-pschorr edelhell" and came in a bowl over a tealight candle. The fondue was warm and was topped off with shredded cheese that I personally enjoyed, but I could see people being annoyed by this. I thought it was quite good, but I have hardly any experience with fondue so I'm not the greatest judge. My friend seemed to like it as well. Unfortunately it only comes with bread which is a shame because it gets boring after a while. It was $14.95 and listed in the appetizer section of their menu. We also got an order of their fries which were so good! It came with smoked ketchup and a really delicious garlicy tasting mayo. We also dipped some of the fries in to the cheese. SO untraditional, but was really good! I ate this with sort of dark ale. Needless to say I was stuffed on carbs and beer. Their beer menu is massive and the atmosphere was nice. I would definitely return for their entrees, all the food around us looked amazing.

              I would have liked to go for chocolate fondue that night for dessert but my stomach space reached its maximum and there wasn't anywhere within walking distance I could think of that served it. Oh well, next time! Apparently there is good chocolate fondue at Art Square cafe near the AGO served with fruits and crepes. http://www.blogto.com/restaurants/art...

              Let's keep this feed alive!

              Here's Beer Bistro's website: www.beerbistro.com

              Beer Bistro
              18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

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                Has anyone had the cheese fondue at Far Niente? How is it? How about the rest of their menu items?

                1. re: lily.violet

                  nothing really untraditional about dipping frites into fondue
                  you would typically get potatoes with fondue so why not go with a fried potato? :)
                  makes me wanna make a rosti and pour fondue cheese on it!

                  i never really go to bier bistro for food so seeing they have fondue is a bit of a revelation
                  i've always just made it at home thinking there weren't any places that would have a good one. And to see that reds does one for $30 that can be shared is astonishing! In switzerland it was that much just for one serving

                  1. re: lily.violet

                    I tried the chocolate fondue ($16.50) at Art Square Cafe a few months ago. It was a big portion, plenty for two people. Don't quote me on this but I believe it came with banana, pear, apple and chocolate crepes. There might have been strawberries but I'm allergic so I wouldn't have eaten them anyways. The crepes were rolled up and cut into small, dippable pieces and tasted great. I found the fondue itself to be a good balance of sugar and chocolate (i.e. not too sweet).

                    Unfortunately I found the service to be incredibly slow (the place was only half full) and I didn't think the savory crepe (Mediterranean) that my SO ordered was anything special. Also, the "extra large" cappuccino was in an enormous mug but came to the table barely 2/3 full!

                    I would go back for the fondue, especially because it's close to home.

                    I personally enjoy the cheese fondue at beer bistro but haven't had it in a few years. I don't remember the shredded cheese topping but sounds delicious!

                    1. re: foodio

                      I was just going to say I went to Art Square Cafe too! My friend and I had a quite enjoyable experience. We were served the same fruits you mentioned, but no strawberries. We also ordered a savoury crepe with sundried tomatoes, feta & mint and it was really yummy.

                      As for the service, I thought the girls working there were so nice and friendly. It was a bit slow, but I feel like they put some effort in to making the things.

                      Has anyone tried their cheese fondue? I plan on going back for that. I think it's the same price as the chocolate, for those that are wondering.

                      Website: www.artsquaregallery.ca/Cafe/index.html

                  2. MoRoCo does different chocolate fondues, including dark, milk and white.

                    1. The Bier Markt offers both sweet and savoury fondue dishes on their menu.


                      1. I would avoid Bier Market on the Esplanade for good food, never mind fondue.

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                          That's a shame- it sounded promising on their menu. I've only gone there for drinks.