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Sep 7, 2008 03:21 PM

Catfish Lewie's - well worth the drive!

Check out the online menu - it's not quite complete, as there are daily specials (grilled salmon today) and soups, and the fish in the fish-and-chips can often be selected (catfish or, today, pollock) but you'll get the idea.

Entrees come with slaw (creamy, pleasant) and A LOT of fresh-cut fries (pretty good) and a beverage.

It's a family place, order at the counter and your food will be cooked to order and brought when ready. That made my (cat)fish and chips wonderfully fresh-tasting, a huge portion (4 nice-size fillets). My kids' hot wings were also a super-sized portion (12 wings amply coated in a sauce that was quite hot).

Service with a smile (if a teensy bit clueless - I think it may have been the counter girl's first day) but all ended well.

It's in Haymarket - WAIT! Don't turn away! - I wouldn't travel from home (Arlington) just for this, but if I'm in Centreville or Manassas again this is definitely a must-visit. Out 66 to the Haymarket exit (Rte 15), that's just a bit past the Manassas exit, and it's just two quick turns (less than a mile) from the exit.

Even my seafood-phobic family will definitely return!

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  1. Looks like it is owned by the folks that own Fosters.

    How does the fish and chips compare to a place like Eamonn's or Hunters Head?

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    1. re: ulrath

      Both are far less casual, I can see that. And Hunter's Head is pretty durn far.

      More than that, I can't say because I have been to neither.

      The impression I've received of Eamon's is that they talk a good game, but they're seriously gimmicky. I checked out their website and it certainly didn't dispel my impression.

      All I can say from personal experience is that I had some excellent, straight-ahead fish (a lot of it for my [roughly] $10).

      1. re: wayne keyser

        Although I've only been once, Eamon's is far from gimmicky and I highly recommend it. They are fantastic fryers, with the fish and the chips perfectly cooked and crispy (just save them quickly from the bag). I suppose you could look at the sauces as gimmicky, but they are quite good, so I got over that fast.

        1. re: Jason1

          Agreed. Eamon's is awesome. You're right though, you have to opent he bag and let the steam escape.

    2. Do you know of a place as good as this in the DC, MD area? I would love good Fish and Chips.

      1. Went today for lunch. Mixed review by my wife and I.

        They were empty at 12:05 as we entered. As we left there were 10 or so people.

        The got things on both of our orders wrong. For my wife, gave her fries instead of a salad (though they did give her the salad w/o charge to make up for it). For me, no tartar sauce or cheese.

        I got the Po Boy. Decent, but the bread was rock hard, so I just ate the oysters. My wife got the ribeye sandwich, and the one bite I had was good.

        The fries are identical to Foster's, and I'm guessing many of the items are that are shared (which, imo, are good).

        Overall I like the place. Right now it's not a destination, imo. We happen to go to an eye doctor out there, so I made it part of the trip. I do hope that this location gets things worked out (so many small mistakes for the only customers in the place), and I do hope they create a few more locations, once the kinks are worked out.