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Sep 7, 2008 02:36 PM

New Chinese Restaurant in Atlanta: Northern Cuisine, REALLY GREAT Traditional Beijing & Tianjin

Perusing one of the local Chinese newspapers, I found this restaurant Jin Jing advertising dumplings, traditional dishes from Beijing and Tianjin, as well as a traditional breakfast. Jin Jing is located across Buford Highway from the Ranch 99 (Asian Square) shopping center, in the same complex as "Italian Optical".

The food is EXTREMELY AUTHENTIC. If you need qualifications, my entire family is from Beijing. We ordered the chives/egg/glass noodles turnover, Shanghai-style soup dumplings, lamb dumplings, and crispy pancakes with onion.

The turnover's skin was delicious, while the filling was extremely carefully put together. It was also rather large (for a ridiculously low amount of money). The soup dumplings were FILLED with soup as well as extremely fragrant, something you don't see often in Atlanta. The lamb dumplings were made with top-quality lamb (it was extremely fresh-tasting and spiced well) and carefully hand-made (none of that "frozen pan-friend potstickers" business), and the pancakes were crisp, leaving us wanting more.

The main feature of this restaurant is that everything was crafted with careful attention to detail and precision. Nothing sloppy. This family-run place has been open only 2 weeks, but my mother and I (both from Beijing) think this is really one of the best places around for dumplings. The only complaint we had was that the fillings were a tiny bit not salty enough, which left us wanting more. Service was prompt and helpful. Recommended to all!

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