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Sep 7, 2008 02:22 PM

Looking for unique restaurants

I'm looking for any places that serve unique food, a unique setting, staff, etc. anywhere in the Boston area

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  1. What do you mean by unique? Non-chain? Local? Ethnic?

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    1. re: Eatin in Woostah

      Not a chain. It can be ethnic. I'm just looking for a unique dining experience in or around Boston

    2. If you have the $ try O Ya ...omakase

      1. Hmmm, interesting topic.

        Boston Speed's Famous Hot Dog Wagon, best dog around, unique setting.
        Chacarero. Does anyone else serve chacareros but these guys? They are wonderful.
        Pita Kabob. Outstanding kubideh.
        Tremont 647 pajama brunch. Servers in nightgowns and bathrobes.
        Santarpio's. Cool old-tavern atmosphere, great charcoal-grilled kebabs.
        Trutony's Deli. Owner is likely to sit down next to you and talk your ear off about the Sox and Pats, most of whom she is close personal friends with.
        Prose. Good food, very surly chef/owner.
        La Voile. Mostly French waitstaff hustles and bounces around that dining room like pinballs in a multiball round.
        Angela's Cafe. About the only real Poblana restaurant in town.
        Villa Mexico Cafe. Good tacos in a gas-station convenience store.
        Pho Viet. Best banh mi in town, served from a seedy food court stall.
        Namaskar. Excellent Desi Chinese dishes (Chinese food as served in India).
        Viva Mi Arepa. Best made-to-order arepa in town.
        Mi Tierra, Waltham. Excellent pupusas.
        Oleana. Coolest patio where you can be served excellent food.
        Pizzeria Regina (North End). Great pizza, and the staff's brusqueness isn't just a shtick; they really do want you to hurry the hell up and order.
        Massimino's. Good North End red-sauce Italian with oddly over-familiar service.
        Mamma Maria. The two-person dining room overlooking North Square is one of the most intimate dining settings in town. Tresca's two-person balcony seat is a close second.
        Deep Ellum. Unlikeliest place to get a well-made old-school cocktail, as it's an Allston beer-geek bar.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Seedy? Seems like standard food court ambiance to me.

          La Mamma's in Allston has chacareros. Also noticed that Viga has chicken and a steak sandwiches that sound just like a chacarero (green beans, avocado spread, cheese, tomato etc. Has anyone tried these? Are they supposed to be a chacarero or just something similar?

          1. re: deglazer

            That sandwich is *somewhat* similar -- I get it sometimes when I'm hankering for a chacarero and just can't get to the real deal. It's a passable substitute, not bad, but nothing to get excited about (like our friend the chacarero, which I do get excited about)

            1. re: deglazer

              Agreed: the Super 88 food court ambience is pretty standard, which is to say, worn-looking and not beautifully maintained from a cleanliness standpoint. No seedier than average, but still seedy.

              1. re: deglazer

                I'm with you, deglazer. We must define seedy as different from the rest. Super88 foodcourt is loud, not always the cleanest, and no frills. I think of seedy as you may have to watch your goods (recommended for any public place) and possibly your back less you get knifed by someone if a fight breaks out, type of thing.

                I think Super88 has a lot of good, reasonably priced options (no fights I know of). One not mentioned is Ken's Ramen House also in that area. Unique in the Boston area in that there aren't a lot of ramen joints period, let alone good ramen places.

              2. re: MC Slim JB

                Z Square in Post Office Square also has a flank steak chacarero on the menu. Haven't tried it yet.

              3. Addis Red Sea is a interesting experience if you have never had Ethiopian food. Tables are odd wicker-type stands, food is consumed with your hands and the restaurant is below street level making the whole experience unusual.

                1. Vinnie's at Night, in the back of an old-school Somerville superette.