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Sep 7, 2008 02:22 PM

Sunday Dinner in State College

Looking for a nice dinner on a Sunday night in November. Many of the places mentioned in previous posts are closed Sunday (Zola, Gamble Mill,Spats. Tavern). Can anyone suggest someplace decent?

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  1. Try the Allen Street Grill. The Jack's Roadhouse Steak is great, as well as everything else I've tried there.

    1. I would recommend Faccia Luna for Italian food. They have really great pizza's and fresh pastas. Also daily specials.

      1. Unfortunatly probably the best restaurant in the State College area is closed as well on Sunday

        However you might want to check out the American Ale house. It has a nice ecclectic menu with a bistro feel. Good luck.

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          When my boyfriend was at PSU, we used to love going to American Ale House. They had very good fajitas there, and something for everyone on the menu.

          We also liked Otto's Pub and Brewery, which is open 11am - 9pm on Sundays.

        2. If it's not too late for the OP: When I'm up in State College (usually for Illinois sports), I've always enjoyed Kelly's in Boalsburg. They're open for brunch and dinner on Sundays.

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            You might try the Autoport Restaurant, they have a motel there, near the Ramada.