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Sep 7, 2008 02:20 PM

Superb gelato in Bensonhurst

Just had some great gelato at a fairly new place in bensonhurst, called oro verde gelati espresso bar, 1740 86th street. they seem to be renting space from a next door tanning salon (!), but it is really topnotch. up there with villabate or grom. not in a great location for getting much business, and based on my conversation with the owner gino, it doesnt seem theyre getting much attention, so spread the word. had great espresso, pistaccio, nocciola and cherry gelati.

call to make sure theyre open 646 708 4622.

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  1. Ed Levine has been talking this guy up for some time, on Serious Eats and elsewhere. Seems Gino lives nearby and found out the tanning salon had a walk-in freezer in the basement, so they worked out an arrangement ...

    There are also some old Chowhound posts on Gino's gelato from when he was at Bussola (now closed).

    So I was in the area Friday afternoon, and tried (but failed) to check this place out. The guy in the tanning salon says Gino opens the shop every day, but exactly when isn't clear. As rv suggests, call ahead.

    I took a peek through the glass door, though, and saw the day's flavors: espresso, pistachio, nocciola, lemon, fig, zuppa inglese, cassata ricotta cream. The chalkboard out front says he plans to start selling panini and soup, too.

    Oro Verde
    1742 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

    1. I live in the neighborhood but never stopped in until today. Really great Pistachio gelato. The gelato was creamy, not too sweet and great pistachio flavor.

      Also, the owner Gino was very enthusiastic about making good gelato.