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Sep 7, 2008 01:11 PM

Sugar-free cakes?

Anyone know of any Northern Virginia bakeries that make sugar free cakes?


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  1. Check Whole Foods. I know that I needed a dairy-free cake for my mother one day in a rush and I called around noon and they made it for me to pick up at 6.

    They also do gluten-free, so I'm sure they do sugar free.

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    1. re: Manassas64

      Actually, Whole Foods DOES NOT do sugar-free. I'm diabetic, and am looking for a bakery that can do a sugar-free cake anywhere remotely close to Baltimore for my wedding. Amazingly, Whole Foods will not do it... bizzare. They sell coconut flour and erithyritol (and other non-sugar sweeteners)... and all the ingredients I use to make my own sugar-free cakes at home. I guess I'm going to have to cook my own wedding cake. BIZZARE.

      1. re: weaselcat

        Hope this isn't too late, but CakeLove now does offer sugar free, gluten free and vegan options - I think it's called the green menu. I've just ordered a cake for my diabetic dad - they custom make many of them, so I'm sure you could make a request for a wedding cake!

        Edit: it's on their website here:

        4150 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA

    2. Chantel's in Sterling

      *edit....didn't realize this was a serious necro...LOL*

      1. The Alexandria Pastry Shop in the Bradlee Shopping Center on King Street. They don't sell it by the slice anymore. There is also a frozen custard place in Old Towne on King Street ( I can't remember the name of it that has a giant animated bear in the window) that sells amazing sugar free ice cream to go with your cake. Enjoy!

        PS. Their wedding cakes are award winning. :)