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Sep 7, 2008 01:03 PM

Mango Shiva is open (calgary)....

but don't rush to go there, give them some time to get sorted!

i noticed it was open friday so we decided to go for dinner - things were going pretty well at the start, it wasn't that busy yet and they warned us it was their first day open.

We had some wine - they offer 2 reds and 2 whites, although our server was sweet, she didn't have a clue about wine, she had learned a couple things to say about them but she couldn't even pronounce the grapes...anyhow we ordered a couple glasses and the veggie samosas - the samosas were quite good, they came with a yogurt sauce (that had a bit of kick) and a mango and cranberry chutney/salsa sort of thing. Then we ordered a few other items for dinner - the garam marsala chicken, beef kabobs and goan curry that had scallops, prawns and muscles - everything was pretty tasty overall BUT...we had a couple friends join us after we had ordered, our food arrived since we ordered early but by the time our friends ordered the place was full. they did get their veggie samosas in a reasonable amount of time but it was well over an hour before anything else showed up - they had ordered calamari and chicken wings, they said the calamari was good but the chicken wings were raw!!! after waiting over an hour they should have at least been fully cooked! we noticed there were a lot of other tables with no food on them and none on it's way. I really don't understand why they had so much trouble, the restaurant run successfully before, must be a new kitchen group?

anyhow after being there for over 3 1/2 hours our poor friends were frustrated,starving and a bit turned off after biting into raw chicken. they didn't charge us for any of our food that night and i think they were doing the same for quite a few other tables - it was kind of like being in an episode of Ramsay's kitchen nightmares when they have a run at a new menu and a full restaurant...

The room is beautiful and I wish them well but i don't think we'll be going back for some time. The food that we had that was cooked was tasty and good they just need time to get thing running smoothly.

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  1. I was there that night too! We got there a bit late, around 9 and the waitress warned us that it would take at least an hour to get any food, including appetizers. We sat around and checked out their menu, which had some weird ordering system that we didn't understand, and then we decided to leave. The waitress told us that we were making a good decision (LoL), and to come back when they've gone through the initial weeks.

    I might check it out again, but not for a while. The place looked really good, but looked more like a place for drinks than to go eat.

    1. Chicken wings and an Indian??? Bizarre.

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      1. re: greenboy

        yeah i know...the chicken wings were grilled, that's why i figure they were raw - no deep frying to do the trick.

      2. so it's been quite a few months since opening night....
        I've been to Mango Shiva a couple times in the last month or so and it really is good. Went for dinner last night, it was relatively quiet for a thursday but a new menu from our previous menu a few weeks ago and a shorter wine list. The service was great and the food even better. I had pork tenderloin in a vindaloo sauce, delicious, just the right amount of heat (for not being a traditional indian dish), my fellow diners had the lamb shank and mango shiva's version of butter chicken - everyone loved their choices.
        if only we had room for dessert...chocolate chai cheesecake.....among other things of course!

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          I have to agree with this. I was there today and the service was excellent, although the food was not quite perfect.
          We had the beet salad (fantastic) and the pakoras (too salty, but the spices were perfect and the house-made sauces made up for it) to start. Our entrees were both "from the garden" - pan roasted eggplant, minted peas & lentils (the eggplant was tough), and the vegetable koftas & paneer in tomato yogurt curry (rich and delicious). We also ordered some butter naan (good), and basmati rice (good but the tiniest portion I've ever seen!)
          I loved the decor. Other comments here had me worried it would be too trendy, like brushed metal or frosted glass walls or Ikea wall stickers or something. It's actually really nice.

          1. re: 23skidoo

            Come to think of it, my "pan roasted" eggplant had grill marks on it... but anyway, the rest of the dish was great.

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              I have heard that Mango Shiva does a lunch buffet, if so does anyone know how much? Does it cost less for the buffet after a certain time?

              I tried calling but no answer and am thinking of going tomorrow.

              Thank you

              1. re: 300rwhp

                They used to and, according to people close to the restaurant, they're bringing it back. I can't say whether they've got it going yet, but the old one was very popular.