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Sep 7, 2008 01:00 PM

Durham NC Spanish or South American

Does anyone know of a spanish or south american (not Mexican) restaurant in Durham, NC?

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  1. Nor sure is this is what you are looking for and I have not been dined there, but I understand Sarah's Empanadas on Highway 55 is very good. They serve the Spanish version of empanadas, rather than the Mexican desert version.

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    1. re: kstover

      I second Sarah's. There are also a few of those Brazilian "steak on a sword" places in the area. Maybe someone who has eaten at one can comment.

      1. re: blewgo

        I don't know of any of these in Durham, but there's one in Cary and one in Raleigh - Rio Churrascaria:

        They have really nice salad bars, and if you like meat, well ... you can chug meat there if you want!

        In Durham, there's Mami Nora's - a Peruvian chicken place:

        1. re: romansperson

          Chamas at Brightleaf Square in Durham is a Brazilian churrascaria (and they make a good caipirihna).

          Mami Nora's is an authentic Peruvian chicken experience. They even bought their oven from Peru.